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Nikki (nik41) wrote,
@ 2004-12-19 21:50:00
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    Current mood: calm
    Current music:The Fresh Prince Theme Song

    quiet weekend
    Living by yourself is definitely too quiet. Yes of course there is the benefit of being able to walk around the entire house completely nude... which is rather freeing, but I'd rather have someone to talk to throughout the day.
    Friday at work was not as exciting as Thursday. Kelly and I were stuck in a back surgery which was also being filmed and broadcast to other doctors and residents who knows where. That took almost 3 hours of my morning. After that we were slow, sat around a lot, did a few portables and unfortunately found out that one of the CTICU nurses had commit suicide. No matter how hard life gets, ending it is never the right answer. We are not sure why or how, but we know she had a family and devoted 12 hours everyday of her life to the cardiothoracic intensive care unit at UPMC. God rest her soul. Pray for her and her family.

    Christmas is right around the corner and I can't wait to get home. The coal region is the only place to celebrate the holidays.
    Ashley and Shannon I can't stop thinking about seeing you girls. Just a few more days!! Love you both!

    Have I mentioned that my Mam Mam is getting re-married? Yup, that's right... weird. But she is old enough to make her own decisions and if that's what makes her happy of course I will be there to support her. (Although I never expected her to want to come all the way back from Florida to have a big coal region wedding) How funny would it be to be a part of your grandmothers wedding?! -I suppose I will find out exactly what it feels like soon enough. And thank goodness she is in good spirits about her chemo. She lost almost all of her hair and had my aunt shave the rest off. In her words "Nik, I look like a total dick!" She's hilarious. And I can't wait to see her.

    With the new year also around the corner I can only hope that this year is much much better than last year for my entire family. We've all been through a lot and hopefully things will look brighter in 2005.

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