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Night Sky (nightsky) wrote,
@ 2004-12-13 23:28:00
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    Current mood: dorky
    Current music:Alicia Keys - Karma

    Just felt like updating. Umm... nothing much in life. I'm actually getting all my work done (doing my essay... like 2-3 paragraphs done). Nothing to do anymore. I can't wait for vacation but dread this week since I have a couple tests and projects to do. -_______-
    Well, these days I've been annoyed with people. It's just that they need to think about their actions and consequences sometimes. It doesn't involve me and I shouldn't say anything but that person is going down a bad path. One foot in and then without realizing... the other foot goes in. Blah. What am I to say?!?!
    Oh... wendy yeah... i haven't started on my project. I don't know which parent to ask and stuff. I don't really want to ask my dad especially since he's a little CUCKOOO! and my mom... i think it'll be more better if I asked my dad since he came here first so yeah. All these excuses will end up making me procrastinate! Oh... I know what you can get me Wendy. UTADA HIKARU - EXODUS! That's all... yup! that'll be nice and simple and cheap (i hope).

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