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niftlift123 (niftlift123) wrote,
@ 2012-05-21 17:30:00
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    Niftylift Prioritises Safety
    Advanced technology is key to better safety features
    Niftylift prides itself in providing cherry pickers with advanced safety features that respond to the needs of operators working at height. Specifically, the company has developed proprietary technologies such as SiOPS (Sustained Involuntary Operation Prevention System) and ToughCage to provide for the safety of cherry picker operators.
    Although the advanced cherry picker safety features are only available in higher end work platform models, Niftylift's other cherry pickers are designed for safety as well. All of Niftylift's boom lifts are easily manoeuvrable and able to adopt to challenging terrains to avoid any untoward incidents.
    Niftylift's SiOPS is a product of continuous pressure from the industry. The company became aware of the many instances of accidents and fatalities resulting from involuntary operation of the work platform machine when the operator gets trapped between an overhead obstruction and pushed onto the console. “There's been a very strong push over the last four years now to the manufacturers, saying, 'hey guys, you got to do something about this,'” explained Roger Bowden, chairman and founder of Niftylift.
    “SiOPS eliminates sustained involuntary operation by interrupting all machine movement if an operator is pushed against the cage control,” the company said. This special mechanism can intelligently identify if the operator has been trapped and accidentally pushed over to the control console.
    Peter Ellison of Steelcraft is happy with the SiOPS technology. He said, "Niftylift, in my opinion, has really gone forward this time to address the serious problem in the industry.“ Because of SiOPS innovative quality, the company has been accorded the IAPA Safety Award in 2010 for its contribution to safe working at height.
    Niftylift's prioritisation of safety in the work place does not stop at the SiOPS system. Known for incorporating competitively advanced innovations into work platforms, Niftylift went further to promote the safety of its boom lifts. Its ToughCage technology is aimed at providing better protection to the operator of the Niftylift elevated work platform.
    ToughCage is the company's response to industry feedback about cherry picker cages getting damaged during operation. Made from durable composite material, ToughCage is able to absorb strong force and impact. Niftylift Managing Director John Kelly touts the qualities of ToughCage. “We tested it for welding splatter, we've hit it with sledgehammer, and we’ve got big weights on it. to make sure it meets the most stressful requirements of a normal day in the steel industry,” Kelly said.
    ToughCage incorporates a bigger steel cage for added strength and durability to prevent potential damage to the cage and injury to the operator. Because it can absorb much of the impact during a collision, the boom lift gets added protection.
    Niftylift has also designed the ToughCage to allow easy replacement of parts if ever the rails of the cage get damaged. This lowers the needed maintenance costs for replacing the damaged part of the boom lift. “In the past, when the cage is damaged in any area and beyond repair, then that means that the whole cage has to be effectively destroyed,” said Nifty Development Director Steve Redding.

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