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niftlift123 (niftlift123) wrote,
@ 2012-02-27 16:53:00
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    Nifty Boom Lifts Leverage Innovation in Heavy Work at Heights
    Company’s product array responds to all types of rental needs

    Niftylift is incorporating innovative technologies in its cherry pickers to enhance work performance in the rental industry. Each of the company’s broad arrays of elevated work platform products is designed for specific work requirements, from simple tasks at shorter heights to more complex work such as in rugged terrain.

    Niftylift’s product lines include work platforms that are trailer mounted, self propelled, self drive as well as track drive access boom lifts and static base work platforms. The company’s work platforms are designed based on customer needs and expectations. “We understand the importance of reliability, ease of operation, minimal maintenance, and excellent after sales support to our customers,” explained the company.

    The company offers work platforms that can work at different heights, ranging from 9 meters up to 21 meters in some models. All of Niftylift’s models have been developed with utmost care, using advanced three dimensional modelling software and thorough testing “to ensure that every work platform delivers outstanding performance without compromising on functionality or reliability,” according to the company.

    Niftylift’s trailer mounted work platforms are developed for tasks requiring easy set up and towing from site to site. Its self propelled elevated work platforms are designed to meet the requirements of industrial and construction work environments with the four wheel drive options in some models.

    Users needing the capabilities of both trailers mounted and self propelled work platforms can avail of the self drive boom lifts from Niftylift. These self drive machines can be manoeuvred from the platform even as they are stowed. Able to accommodate heights from 12 meters to more than 21 meters, these machines are equipped with telescopic booms and proportional controls and four wheel drive chassis capabilities.

    Similarly, trailer mounted and self propelled features are available in Niftylift track drive models, which are ideal for use in rough terrain. Aside from the lightweight and compact features, the track drive machines provide strong traction even on steep slopes. These features are complemented by easy to operate controls, telescopic booms and rotation capabilities.

    Niftylift has also developed deck riders or static base work platforms, specifically for the steel construction industry. The low weight DR15 boom lift is designed to meet regulations set for the steel industry.

    High end cherry pickers from Niftylift incorporate high technology safety features and energy efficient mechanisms. High tech safety innovations include the award winning Sustained Involuntary Operation Prevention System (SiOPS) and the ToughCage, both designed by Niftylift to more efficiently prevent accidents in the work platform.

    Added advantage to Niftylift’s cherry pickers is the environment friendly fuel options in some of its models. Known for building bi-power machines using battery and diesel energy, Niftylift pressed forward to improve fuel options in its higher end models. The result is a hybrid power system, which combines electric motor and diesel engine. Niftylift’s Development Director Steve Redding proudly explained, “This is the first of a new breed of hybrid products that brings the two powers together.”

    Niftylift’s power options in its boom lift machines make them more energy efficient as well as ideal for use indoors as they can work emissions free and with minimal noise.

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