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niftlift123 (niftlift123) wrote,
@ 2011-10-27 14:44:00
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    European Technology Inbuilt in Every Product
    There’s no room for error when designing elevated platforms and no-one would agree more with that statement than the people working at heights of up to 21 meters. They are relying on the design excellence of Niftylift to get them safely to ground level when the job is done.

    The company is one of the largest manufacturers of hydraulic work platforms in Europe, and built its record for reliability, innovation and safety while servicing the demanding rental market. Now selling their products throughout Europe, North America, South Africa, parts of Asia and the Middle East, and Australia.

    Niftylift has invested heavily in staff training, technology including the use of advanced 3D computer modeling, and manufacturing equipment to develop products that are the pinnacle of hydraulic platform design. They are renowned for reliability, solidly backed by excellent customer service and top level support.

    As well as superiority in design and performance, Niftylift is extremely conscious of the safety of the operators of their equipment, especially as a number of their products provide for access to heights up to 21 meters. One of the known hazards of working at heights is sustained involuntary operation and occurs when both the hydraulic platform and the operator are moving towards an obstacle, and the operator becomes trapped between the obstacle and the platform controls. The operator is pushed over the controls of the platform, pressing down on them so that the machine continues to operate, resulting in significant crush injuries to the operator.

    “This is a particularly dangerous situation for an operator to be in, and the resultant injuries can be very severe,” explained Jeff Bridson, Safety Officer. “However, Niftylift has a solution.”

    Niftylift was so concerned about the safety of the operators of their elevated platforms, that they designed the ToughCage and SiOPS safety system. This system gives the operator a vital “second chance” by interrupting the machine movement if the operator is pushed over the controls. Their dedication to safety and design innovation won them the 2010 IAPA Safety Award for “Contribution to Safe Working at Height – Manufacturer”, and from Australia’s Hire & Rental Industry Association (HRIA), the “Best New Product” Award, also in 2010.

    The company’s latest innovation is their Height Rider Hybrid platforms which have a number of features, making them the most environmentally conscious machines of their type. The technology combines a hybrid power system with compact, low weight chassis which together produces considerable savings in transportation and running costs. The hybrid power system is a “zero emissions” machine when running on electric power, and is both clean and quiet. When running on diesel power, the electric motor combines for peak loads to give extra power, and when that power is not required, the excess energy produced is fed back into the batteries where it is stored for when it is most needed.

    “This is absolutely ingenious technology’” enthused Reuben A., a production manager of a major civil construction company. “When the extra power is needed, both motors kick in, but when it’s not, nothing is wasted as it goes back into the batteries for later use. I wish I had thought of it!”

    As a market leader in boom lift equipment, Niftylift is always listening to their customers, and using their feedback to improve their service. Niftylift’s commitment to superior design and safety has been publicly rewarded, and their high quality, reliable products continue to delight the market.

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