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~Nic~ (nicolita) wrote,
@ 2003-02-16 15:10:00
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    Current mood: quixotic

    uh i'm so hungover.

    last nite was the night parade. it was a lot of fun. we only hung around the actual parade for a while bc matt was working at joy so we got in easily and got drinks. i love having bartending friends. i met a really hot guy tho and hope he calls me he was actually really like sweet and not all about hooking up which is rarer lol. too good to be tru, mostlikely.

    i love 3 day weekends. u get to go out for 3 nites lol. i think brian and i are just going to teen nite tonite tho at joy bc jess is usin our id tonite. can't wait till i'm 18, or even 21.

    valentines day was a lot of fun. brian got me a ring from tiffanys i had wanted 4ever and like put it on a stuffed animal that like a white bear that says i think ur cute. lol its corny but so cute i think i loved it. i feel bad tho cause i don't wana go out with him we're just really good friends and i'm def interested in this guy i met last nite he was really hot. oi it could be awkward.

    ahh and ryan made cait a cd its so cute it has like all of these songs that are like i want you and he brought it to the hospital with like one pink rose and a really cute necklace that he like stressed about picking out i was like awww and he wasn't her valentine lol. they're gonna get back together i think. brett's kinda pisssed tho lol but they were using each other so its okay i think. they're so cute and she can't find much hotter.

    thats all. nic*

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