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NicoleTheStrange (nicole_strange) wrote,
@ 2004-08-02 14:40:00
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    Fahrenheit 9/11- Having seen this movie after most of the controversy around it died off, I could watch it without being overly-critical, or absolutely jubilant. I just watched it. The film was split into two halves: the beginning talked about the Bush family's ties to the Bin Ladens and Saudi Arabia, using lots of documents and such. The second half concentrated on the Iraq War and recruitment efforts by the military, who particularly concentrate on poorer neighborhoods to find future soldiers. This segment went off on a slight tangent about economic inequality- which was then tied to the war at the end with an Orwell quote about how war -or the illusion of- keeps the statis quo in check.

    I especially liked the opening montage of Bush, Powell, and Rice preparing for being on television with make-up and hair and sound checks. It helped remove the gloss and authority of these people, bringing them down from the level of gods (which most people seem to view them as) to the lowly level of human beings, who fuck up sometimes. However, most human beings would try to remedy their mistakes, not perpetuate them. One can not look towards a god to solve all their problems, but one should try to put their trust in their fellow man- unless they have proven themselves unworthy of that responsibility. These are basically people who are good in positions of authority, but have absolutely no place there. They know how to get things done, but not the right things, unfortunately.

    The election this year is going to be an absolute Mad Tea Party.

    Before Sunset- Two words: tracking shots! Oh, my! Those long, tracking shots, weaving through the narrow streets of Paris, following a conversation that was waiting nine years to happen, were simply beautiful. Like Before Sunrise, the ending was deliciously ambiguous. I need to get the soundtrack, too. I loved Julie Delpy's "Waltz" song.

    Notes to self:

    1. Go to City Hall, ask about absentee ballot for November. (I'm gonna be living in Boston, but still want to vote for New Hampshire).

    2. Call Portsmouth record shop about Joanna Newsom CD and Down by Law Criterion DVD.

    3. Begin making sign for grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary on Saturday.

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