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Nickolaus Pacione (nickolaus) wrote,
@ 2011-12-11 19:32:00
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    that's a new one

    The Venereal Gayzette? That's a new one -- seems like they are not mature enough to go on video to explain why they're so willing to vandalize and attempt to destroy a magazine and break it's publisher into folding for good. Saying the magazine is imaginary how can a magazine be imaginary when therea are 13 flesh and blood issues published. I am doing a response to one of the vandals on video as I speak right now, going on video and saying what I said in the response to the vandalisem. Since they are willing to say some vile shit about me in terms of my family, I got a little more vile in return shoving back. This was in the wake of the whole thing going on with Penn State too -- and going around saying I am this kiddie stalker on top of it.
         They really want me calling a day now do they? Well I have no plans on callling it a day anytime soon.
         The whole thing with them willing to use fake addresses for the physical address for the magazine it shows intent to ruin a company or make the illusion that it folded when it hans't closed its doors. I am showing riight now that I am working on the new material right now too. GAME OVER is published -- the real GAME OVER that is. Then the whole thing with them trying to say that "Unicorn Man" is my pen name. That is also childish too. The whole thing with the pussy dressed up as "Unicorn Man" -- that is just plan fucked up and wrong. A real editor wouldn't do someting that low in terms of using a found picture on the internet saying he owns the copyrights to the thing.
         That is exactly what David "Doc" Boyer did when he stole from Activision. A website called actually revealed thes photographs on their website -- he's known as Kevin The Unicorn Man. This would be the link to the fudge packer's photo set -- known as the fucker who wears a mohawk and poses as he would prepare for an anal pounding. It was Encyclopedia Dramatica that had pictures of the fruit on their page, and clearly I was doing my research how to nail the loser who is using these pictures for the so-called covers of my magazine. The site that is known for this poofter is (That place is fudgepacker central.) That fucking site tainted my beloved magazine because it is trying to rob the magazine of it's hardcore, dark imagte that the magazine is very well known for. I hate linking sites like that to my blog because I am not a fag fairy.
         I am doing some further research on this character so I know how to nail AngryInillinois with his barrage of lies he's done about my magazine and my company to make a mockery of my magazine.
         The idenity of the photographer is now revealed and this clears Lloyd Phillip Campbell's name in terms of him not being the face of Lloyd Phillip Campbelll. It forced me to out as him being my pen name. I have a good temptation of sending the people who crreated that sick picture a nasty e-mail letting them know the fag-bait AngryInIllinois is using their work for the covers of my magazine when I don't publish things like that. I will not do things like that, if I was to do a male model with The Ethereal Gazette he better be straight and be in the picture with his wife or girlfriend (biological female) then no fucking nudity. It would be cool if they can do a storyline and take the pictures themselves to help the storyline along. Just as long they are not nudes or erotic in nature.
         I find the love between a man and a woman the most beautiful thing onr can express. No matter how dark it is. The love that speaks its name. I had to figure out a way to nail the bad guy here and the pathological liar in the process. Now I can nail the son of a bitch but I have to be force to reach across the table to nail him though. This is when a Conservative reaches across to get the help of a Liberal.

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