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Mego (nguc) wrote,
@ 2004-02-11 16:28:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:Stacy's Mom

    I haven't updated in a bit...
    I'm used to updating this like, at least a couple times a week, and lately I just haven't gotten around to it. I'll open the page...and sit and stare and not think of anything to write. Once again, Monday's are among my favorite days of the week, along with Friday's. Fencing started up again! Yayness! I'm not going to be tototally lazy the whole week until v-ball rolls around!

    The last game of the season with the homeschool team was last night. was a close game....and...I totally lost it for the team. I had two fast breaks near the end of the the last minute actually....the one, I missed....and then scrabbled around for a bit trying to get ahold of the ball....they got it, then one of our girls stole it, threw it down the court to me, and I had another fast break, only....I shot right after the buzzer went off..... :-( We lost by two points. If I had made one of those baskets...we would have pushed the game into overtime, and could have kicked their ass..... :-( I was sooo pissed at myself...really....I was so upset I started to cry after I sat on the bench...had to pull my shirt over my head...hah....I never understood how some girls would get so mad at themselves...but then again, I wasn't a point guard on team consisting of younger girls just starting out, and having to explain stuff to them and be the team support and such....I was a started for Middleburg when I played in 9th grade...I was a captain's almost hard to remember's not quite...real...idk.... So I was crying a bit, and then realized I couldn't breathe...which is not a good thing...I went and shook hands (missed a couple people, 'cause I didn't know they had started) and then grabbed my inhaler from my dad and went out to the mom was asking me all these questions and I couldn't answer her, because I could barely talk to begin with, and I was still so pissed at myself...that didn't help things. My inhaler also, was out, so I didn't have that either. It was weird, I'd never had an actual asthma attack before....I ended up going outside and the cold air helped a bit...I calmed down a little and they decided to take pictures then! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH.......

    So yeah..that game was really dissapointing.... *beats up on self* It makes it worse when the other girls on the team say that 'it's ok, it was a good game, you tried really hard, you played a good game' and aaaaaaargh....

    Tomorrow I have a whole lot to do...and I wish I could skip out on all of it and go play volleyball w/Trina and the rest of the team....


    Oh, and my mom signed me up for some valentine exchange thing, so I have to make cards for a bunch of kids I don't know... (I got one the other day from an 8 year old that said 'valentine, would you like a kiss?') that has to be a record or something....

    Hmm....I have a paper to write tonight....some other 'homework' and stuff like that...and I have to make a ton of out some details for a party I've been asked to help out with...oh, and find out what I'm doing about my sister's bridal showers!

    Blergh! Blergh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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