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Mego (nguc) wrote,
@ 2004-01-06 18:54:00
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    Current mood:blergh :(
    Current music:Edelweiss

    I hate myself...
    and the ways I act towards other people...this morning was fine....good, even....if school and things can be good...but then after my dad got home, everyone was downstairs and I was trying to do schoolwork while they all congregated to the room I happened to be mom was explaining something to me, and I didn't understand it, my brother explodes at me saying that I knew the whole thing and was having her explain it to me and having her do the work for me. He wasn't even paying any damn attention and had no idea what was going on, but he felt he had to yell at me for well as screaming at me about my dogs again. Then I got all upset, Kelcie mouthed off at me for no reason, claiming I said something to her and it sounded 'know it all'. Which I didn't intend, and I didn't think anything I said to her sounded like that...

    Then my dad...god..he HAS to watch the news every night, and idk why I bother getting upset..that's the point, I don't know why I get upset at these stupid things....I hate it...

    I did have a good morning....

    Now everyone is pissed off at me again. That's nothing new, but...yeah...I had had a good morning...

    I wish for once I could have one day..just a full day...where there's no fighting at all....

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