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Sydney (nftyqt) wrote,
@ 2003-04-06 12:45:00
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    Current mood: pissed off
    Current music:NFG-So Many Ways

    OWOWOWOW!!! ok this is my weekend

    Friday-went to school. had an interseting day. it was a B day so all B dayz are interesting. i had a good talk w/ derek bout sex and jenna and alot of other things. went to weight traing...OY! lets just say i fucking hate victor and i worked out! YAY 4 SYDNEY WORKING OUT! then i went to luch had some interesting conversations...then went to american. we had a quiz that i knew bout just forgot...shhhh dont tell mommy i told her we had a pop quiz...well i did well...i got an 86...that was 2 wrong. then went to enviro did nothing we are making solar cookers. YAY FOR A DAY OF MAKING COOKIES!! then i went home. then jill scott asher and i went to services in weston for TOUCHY's creative service(Temple Of Uncultered Children Hospital Youth)(i dont know what it stands fot but thats the name scott and i came up w/)so we went there and ate dinner i saw michelle!!! YAY! i miss her! then i meet up w/ my indian princess peeps that i havent seen in years...quite amusing then we to services which were put together nicely i enjoyed. then we went to town center in weston(see i told you i knew how to get there) scott jill asher and i and all the other peeps went to jamba juice where i got called courtney...urg!its not that i hate her cause i dont but i hate beong called other ppl! it pisses me off! so then scott and i had a discussion bout all the shit going on that night. i pretty much got kinda bitchy now that i look at it and i didnt want to be. so then we discuss going out on sat after SAT's. then i go to sleep

    Sat-wook SAT i think i did well but im not sure. finished and went to scotts OY! Friday scott and i were dicusing SAT and what we were going to do after like go to lunch. half way to scotts house and hes like syd were pick up sarah and like FUCK NO! I DONT CARE BOUT SARAH BUT I HATE COURTNEY! i get to his house and they call him and are bitchig at him cause i wanna spend time w/ MY B/F! scott and i were yelling at eachother i was telling him to go but he didnt...then i realized we did have plans B4 and wtf are we arguring about b/c we had plans and not w/ them. so then we go to this pizza place its really good and then we go to his house change 4 the beach then go to my house then go pick up jill and asher. it was fun. it was havdalah on the beach and scot and i went skim boarding. fun fun! the we went into the water. i feel a sharp pain in my left though a piece of glass when into my toe. i get up onto the beach and i pull it off and it was jelly! FUCKING A I GOT STUNG BY A JELLY FISH! OW! so we go to nurse laura and Dr rabbi and they tell me to put vinigure on it then asher and jil comeback w/ a baking soda mix and make a paste and put it on my toe! it did not look right it look like scott or ashr missed(*wink wink*) then it started to really hurt in my leg and i was crying so much..we left but i felt so bad cause i made asher and jill leave too. then we drop them off and scott changes and we go to my house. we are watching TV and scott was so sweet to saty w/ me i just didnt want to be alone. so then we move to my room and we are laying on my bed and we fall asleep at like 2 in the orning my mom comes in and is like SYDNEY SCOTT IS STILL HERE! and we are oth like shit! and he left. 5 mins later after scott left mommy came into my room she didnt want scott driving well he didnt have his cell so i couldnt call him...what a night

    Now-m going w/ katie to a holocauste this at temple. im so tired! damn time change! aight in peacing out!


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