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Sydney (nftyqt) wrote,
@ 2003-03-31 17:36:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:Christman List-Simple plan

    *5 Things Good In Your Life*
    - Scott
    - NFTY
    - KAFTY
    - Derek
    - uh
    *5 Closest Friends*
    - Scott
    - Derek
    - Alli
    - Mark
    - megan

    *5 friends you wished you LIVED closer to*
    - Scott
    - Alli
    - thomas
    - Mark
    - Jen Bragman

    *5 Ex's*
    - Shane
    - Brad
    - Matt
    - peter
    - Josh

    *5 Favorite Foods*
    - Taco Bell
    - Pizza
    - Sushi
    - chinese
    - French Onion Soup

    *5 Favorite Drinks*
    - diet coke w/ lemon
    - Vanilla Coke
    - Water in general
    - Peach iced tea
    - milk

    *5 Favorite Bands*
    - never heard of it
    - Simple Plan
    - all american rejects

    ..Do You Miss - Scott
    ..Is The Nicest - Alli
    ..Is The Moodiest - courtney(dont take it the wrong way)
    ..Is The Easiest To Talk To - Derek
    ..Has Your Heart - Scott
    ..Is the funniest - Thomas Avery
    ..Broke Your Heart - scott at one point or more
    ..Is The Funnest To Hang Out With - Asher alli maddy and scott!
    ..Is the hottest - Scott
    ..Do You Have A Crush On - scottie
    ..Can You Tell Everything To - derek
    ..Do You Wish You Were With - Scott(wait no i have him...YAY!)

    ..Makes You Happy - Scott
    ..Do You Feel Right Now - Confused
    ..Is In Your Head - Anniversary-NFG
    ..Do You Wish You Were Doing - scott(lol)
    ..Is Your Biggest Secret - umm...i cant tell you that one!
    ..Makes You Sad - having my heart broken by someone i love so dearly
    ..Is Your Favorite Thing To Do - be in scotts arms
    ..Do You Dislike About Your Life - alot of mistakes ive mad in the past that im paying 4 right now like doing better in school
    ..Would You Change About Your Life - doing better in school in the past so i dont have to work my as of now!
    ..Do you love about your life - the fact that i have a guy i've liked for a year now with me and that we have this amazing relationship that has lasted 5 months
    Current Clothes: Football shorts and an american eagle shirt
    Current Mood: Confused
    Current Music: seasons-GC
    Current Taste: sushi...MMMMMMMM SUSHI!
    Current Make-up: been in the house all day....that means nothing
    Current Hair: up
    Current Smell: ummm...the air!
    Current thing I ought to be doing: working on my research paper
    Current Desktop Picture: NFG GC and sum 41
    Current Favorite Artist: my grandfather and mark chagall-i think i spelled that right
    Current Favorite Group: NEW FOUND GLORY OF COURSE!
    Current Book: Scarlet Letter 4 english
    Current CD in CD Player: A mix of NFG GC sum 41 Jimmy buffett and adema
    Current tape in VCR: the 2001-2003 Nova video year book(i dont watch the VCR much anymore...can u tell?)
    Current DVD in DVD player: not another teen movie
    Current Color Of Toenails: dark red
    Current Refreshment: vanilla coke
    Current Worry: my relationship

    You Touched: not in that way!
    You Talked to: Courtney
    You Hugged: Scott last night
    You Instant messaged: Courtney and scott
    You Yelled At: Mommy
    You Kissed: Scott

    Food: currently: TACO BELL
    Drink: currently: Vanilla coke
    Color: Lime Green
    Album: currently: Stickes and stones
    Shoes: my converse
    candy: mmmmm chocolate
    Animal: Penguine
    TV Show: Lizzi McQuire
    Movie: currenly: RING!!! FINALLY SAW IT!
    Song: currently: Swing Swing
    Vegetable: Yellow pepers
    Fruit: Banana
    Cartoon: the weekenders

    ARE YOU...
    Angry: no not right now
    Arrogant: no
    Attractive: i dont think so but scott on the other hand thinks so...
    Bored Easily: yes
    Childish: only w/ lara
    Difficult: most of the time
    Emotionally Stable: yes
    Friendly: umm only at NFTY events
    Happy: once in a blue moon
    Hard working: on KAFTY STUFF
    Healthy: Yes
    Hyper: ehh
    Independent: no
    Insecure: Mos Def
    Interesting: not at all
    Legal: ummm....
    Messy: my room and the computer room are
    Moody: sometimes
    Obsessed: with scott
    Open-minded: on occasion
    Organized: never!
    Random: very...Gerbiles! my head where did it go?
    Responsible: yes
    Sad: sometimes
    Shy: at school
    Smart: At debate things
    Talkative: at NFTY events and on the phone
    Thirsty: yes
    Trusting: yes
    Understanding: sometimes

    Kill: Josh
    Slap: scott!
    Get Really Wasted With: Scott and derek
    Get really high With: not anymore
    Tickle: scott he squirems funny
    Look Like: lizzi McQuire-shes hott! i wanna be HOT!
    Talk To Offline: Scott
    Talk To Online: PPL
    Yea that was my survey that i got off courtneys joural im bored and i have nothing to do. and i dont have anything to update bout

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