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Sydney (nftyqt) wrote,
@ 2003-03-30 15:30:00
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    Current mood: sleepy
    Current music:christmas List-simple plan

    friday night i went to services at scotts temple. origially i wasnt going to go b/c i didnt want to deal w/ courtney. i will never end up friends w/ her again!NEVER EVER!now dont think im being a bitch bout it but like i cant stand her! so yea i go and after everyone is going to longhorn. i dont want to go b/c i dont want to be near courtney but i tell scott to go and have fun. but he wont! i felt horrible! it sucked! well then we dropped the car off at my house and drove around then when he was driving me home bout 1230 he was speeding like carzy and was running stop signs. i told him on of thses dayz hes going to get a ticket. yea i get a call after 20 mins and he got pulled over b/c he ran a stop sign coming outta my neighborhood! i wanted to kill him! i couldnt believe him!

    ok last night was KAFTY's all night danceathon. lets start frm 11 yesterday morning. i went to katies house to bake cookies. we went to marshells to get shirts and then we went to the danceathon. we get there..not one is here! i called scott to see where he is hes at taco bell! WTF?! i told him we had sooo much food here and its free!why is he there?!i was so confused!well he left allis house bout 530 didnt get here until 7! i mean nicole was 40 mins away in miami and she got lost and she left after him and he got there sooner!!!!OY so while we were waiting rachel and someother ppl were talking and as some jogger went by she made her car alarm go off! it was funny! so finally scott gets there. we were all dancing and scott acutally danced!!!! YAY 4 THE DANCING SCOTT!it was so much fun! i realized scott can pick me up if i jump on him. and asher likes to take me away frm ppl.i lost my camara at one point but i found it! THANK G-D! mommy would have killed me!well hollis and jordan stopped by....OOO chris c. this really cute kid that goes to my school who is sami's new intrest came hes really sweet!umm...lets fast foward to 2. i was w/ scott trying to sleep! YES I WAS SLEEPING! and sarah and asher come over talking bout hook ups.. ahh! i wanted to sleep! i got up and left. then scott and i were trying to sleep again and maddy was sleeping and Blurted out "gibales in the Floor"it was so random and soo funny! ok so then scot and i sleep! we wake up tp blasting britney spears!!! it was funy but stu w/ the blasting jamican music is so much funnier! so thats where i am now. scott and i might go out tonight but were not sure. scotts been getting shit frm his parents latly. its weird its like either i get it frm my mom or when im not getting it frm my mom hes getting it fr, his rents! it sux! well im off to do hw b/c i wanna go out. we no matter what he has to see me cause i stole his pillow!!
    peacing out

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