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Sydney (nftyqt) wrote,
@ 2003-03-23 11:03:00
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    Current mood: distressed
    Current music:sum 41-dont know the song. its #6 on the CD

    OY! i babysat last night! not fun...acutally i had the night to myself. i made 30 that goes straight to mommy!!! for the phonebills and the debae money i owe!! fun fun!well scott got home last night we spoke for like 15 mins. but b4 that we spoke for like 5.this whole courtney deal is like making our relationship hell. yes scott i would have to agree with u.i dont know how to handle this anymore.not only has she been a bitch to me and her not like me but my thinkings are that she wants to apologize to me so shes good w/ scott. not me. then while we were talking she asked me why i cant forgive her as easily as i could scott. i told her it was totally different. she said it isnt and then se made me start thinking maybe it was too soon that we started going out again.and thats what ive been thinking for the past 16 sleep just thinking. then i went surfing this morning to clear my mind! ok i got hurt b/c of all this. i hurt my right wrist. it feels really bruised its not swallon or anything but it hurts. this is all b/c i was so preoccuied thinking bout al this shit going on!! i really dont know how to handle all this. i havent slept since last monday. i slept maybe 4 hours of the whole week and not all at once. maybe ten min intervals every couple of days. the longest i slept was an hour and that was on brad. but i need help w/ this! i cant handle everything thats being put infront of me! AHH! I NEED TO ESCAPE!
    Signing off

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