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Zac (mrcanadianpie) wrote,

    Re: I have a suggestion
    Agreed! I mean, think about how many journals are on this system... Think about the amount of bandwidth it takes to run this site every day. These servers are undoubtedly expensive. If you'd like to have all the benefits without paying, take the code and start your own lol. Then, you'll realize exactly how much time, effort and money, along with other difficult-to-aqquire things, it takes. Here's the thing: the majority of the people who are among the early to sign up are going to pay for the extra service anyway; that's not REALLY who Blurty is concerned with. However, by restricting the majority of the tools available in a full version of blurty to unsubscribing users, it is firstly weeding out useless bandwidth use by people who would otherwise create numerous unattended accounts, and secondly, it is a very useful persuasion tool for you to pay the small nominal (or monthly/yearly? I guess we'll see) fee which keeps the site up and running, and also allows for some form of profit for the people who have put so much time and effort into putting this site together. My two cents.

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