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I guess this is the way life is... (neverenough) wrote,
@ 2002-12-29 18:34:00
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    Current mood: crappy

    hey guys! well, yea im kinda ARGH right now. So Eric finally calls me...I asked my parents if I could go over there, what do they say? NO so yes,im a bit pissed right now!

    alrighty, I wanna share some poems I wrote with you guys 2 get some sort of feedback, these were written by ME so PLEASE I hope nobody takes them & says THEY wrote them, but I kno nobody on my friends list would do that, alrighty...this one I wrote last night! These are straight outta my diary, so yea...

    Sometimes I wake up and feel
    Keeping faith isn't enough,
    Everyday I wanna give up
    It doesn't feel real
    These emotions I hide
    Get too intense to hold inside

    and this one is about suicide, this IS NOT how I feel though, I wrote this in Health class one day this year, I got inspired to write it, because we were on the subject.

    I wake up every morning
    Caught inside my head
    Sometimes I wish I were dead
    Everyday I live
    I try to get away
    Everytime I smile
    It always fades away
    Everytime I breathe
    I wish it was my last what do u think? **sigh**
    I havent felt quite myself lately, I'm hating it =/
    my mom is driving me FUCKING INSANE. cya

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