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Jim (netwriter) wrote,
@ 2007-04-10 22:29:00
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    Hospital's close proximity to Bullitt County pays dividends ...

    Flaget Memorial Hospital's move down KY 245 may have had an unintended consequence, at least in the view of law enforcement officials in neighboring Bullitt County.

    Individuals who are stopped for suspected driving under the influence can request a blood test rather than submit to a police-administered blood alcohol breath test. In Bullitt County, the local medical center has balked at blood testing for police DUI cases, citing a lack of personnel who are available when a DUI case comes up in court.

    Flaget Memorial Hospital, with easy access from Bullitt County and I-65, is quickly becoming the favored location for blood draws in DUI cases.

    It makes sense too, though you hope the court cases that the blood draws may require don't strain staffing for the hospital's lab.

    Fortunately, there aren't a great many DUI suspects who choose the blood test option, mostly because in most cases they are required to pay for it in advance. If I were the suspect, I would hope I could cough up the cash for the blood test -- and of course, be willing to live with the results.

    The best option is to either avoid the hooch, or have a designated driver and avoid a need for a DUI blood test.

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