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Jim (netwriter) wrote,
@ 2006-07-16 17:27:00
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    Current mood: grumpy

    Hopefully lightning won't strike the same place twice ...
    If there's anything that's humbling, it's having Mother Nature take you back to the 19th Century with a well-aimed lightning bolt.

    That's exactly what happened at my house early Friday morning.

    Lightning and thunder woke me up about 3:55 a.m. After several nearby lightning strikes, the room was illuminated by blinding white light and the crash of thunder nearly rolled me out of bed. The power was out before the rumble of thunder was complete. I got out of bed, making my way downstairs by the intermittent flashes of lightning in the windows.

    My options were limited. I couldn't really check the TV weather. I found a flashlight and then located my police scanner and weather radio. No warnings for Nelson County.

    From our house, we could see what appeared to be a tree or a utility pole burning north of our home. Our lights were out, but my neighbors had power. I called Salt River to report the outage.

    After about 90 minutes, the power was restored. The lightning strike had blown open the circuit breaker up on the high-voltage feed to the transformer at my house. When the lights came on, I surveyed the damage. Everything seemed to work. At nearly 6 am, I crawled back to bed for a while.

    My son woke me up a few hours later to report that the Internet wasn't working, and my computer was dead. After investigating what he was telling me, I found that he was correct -- and there was a lot more than wasn't working.

    My computer was hit, as was the kids' computer, two printers, the network hub, the cable internet modem, and every telephone we have.

    So far we don't have anything else to add to that list, but that's certainly plenty of damage.

    To update my blog, I'm actually using an old PC that my kids used to have for their games. It was the only PC that wasn't damaged since it wasn't hooked up. Go figure.

    I don't know if insurance will cover any of this stuff or not. I'm inclined just to replace it, though the computers will get deeply into our pockets. I can operate using this one temporarily, but I'm not much good without a printer.

    It could have been worse, I guess. It's been really odd -- for lack of a better term -- to have no computers and no home telephone. I did find a good deal on a phone at Radio Shack in Bardstown, so at least I have one form of communication. And thankfully none of my ham radio equipment was damaged either. The damage appears to have been limited to whatever was connected to telephone lines and the cable TV stuff.

    I probably shouldn't complain. Living on a hill for the last decade, we've only had a couple of things damaged by lightning -- usually telephones and cable modems, come to think of it.

    The city of Bardstown was good enough to replace the modem Friday when I took it in. I'm just thankful I can get online -- imagine going a week without e-mail or the Web?? Now THAT would be tough!


    The Brooks & Ken Show will be moving to a Tuesdays-only format once Bonnie Drake returns to WBRT full-time. Bonnie and Kenny Fogle will conduct a program on Thursdays in the 11-to-noon time slot, and that program was delayed by Bonnie's recent surgery.

    What's the view from Cox's Creek this afternoon? Hot - hot - hot!


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