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netoffice (netoffice) wrote,
@ 2011-12-23 09:07:00
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    Office 2010 professional The earliest Chinese users by thunderbolt familiar with and the affection

    Office 2010 professional The earliest Chinese users by thunderbolt familiar with and the affection

    because it has the outstanding performance of the download client. Outlook 2010 is discount for this month.

    But, the listed in the journey to depend only on "download client" a big tree apparently was not enough.

    Already listed as a target for the enterprise will, thunderbolt looking for new business growth point in secretly. Four years ago, Chinese video business night of blasting heat, thunderbolt introduced online video service also quietly the "thunderbolt look at the". From the future business development data show that video let thunderbolt benefited a lot.

    At present, the online advertising is the largest revenue source thunderbolt. According to the prospectus disclosure, since March 2009, Microsoft outlook is the best system ever.

    thunderbolt to download, and watch the privilege, and storage privilege hd, speeding up the privilege and other services began to charge, the business is rapidly from 2009 years of Q2 31000 dollars in 2011 to rapid growth of the 25 th $4.06 million, more than the game and other business income.

    Video business launched two years later, thunderbolt out of the red. Office 2007 is on sale now.

    According to the thunderbolt prospectus disclosure, 2008-2010, total revenues were $16.8 million, $29.6 million and $42.8 million; The three-year between, the thunderbolt net profit for-$4.58 million, respectively, $5.45 million and $8.47 million.

    So far, though, with China's largest users of software download company, but its image and positioning has become more plentiful and full.

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