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davie jane (nerder) wrote,
@ 2003-05-31 08:50:00
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    Current mood: crushed
    Current music:none

    birthdays in new york are always special
    i finaly got some help modifying the look of this thing. *feels proud of self* well i feel proud that i asked someone to help me.. i guess. kim helped me.. you may know her *winks* her blurty name is m0hawkmad go check her out. anywho, summers here and we all know that it's time for camps and camps, and trips, vacation, relaxation. and all that nonsense. i'm glad it's here. i get to bum around for li ke a month and a half before i have to pick up and start getting ready for school again. ugh. whatever.. i like school believe it or not. i hate the curricular part of the day but when i get to talk to my friends i love school. school is like a dating service and an all day party wrapped up into one. if you think about it you've got hook-up.. break-up.. hook-up.. break-up... etcetera etcetera etcetera.. and you've got people screeching down the hallways.. listening to music 'cause they like to break the rules. making out in the bathroom. all that junk. and of course it wouldn't be a teenage party without fights.. and their are plenty of those.. from emotional to physical. they are everywhere. i guess i like school 'cause it gives me a chance to talk to my friends more and really show my emotions (which isn't a good thing sometimes) but whatever. i run into my friends all the time and sustainful hurt. but alas, the only friends that i have that i really want to me and hang out with are Kim (mentioned above) and Cayla (new york-y) and mark ('cause he's seksi) there are still a few people down here that i like to hang out with but i never get a chance. really if i met those people i bet we wouldn't get along. so right now we just talk about stuff online and im actually going to send Cayla a birthday present. she wants a sid vicious poster so im going to mail her one a card. she was sorta shocked that i would actually send her a present bacause we live really far away. she just said "are you serious? you're going to send me a present? that's rad! wait, are you serious?" i finaly got it and i wrote her a letter. but she's going to have to wait for that poster. enough about that. i really want to start a band. i don't know why though. it just seems like something fun to do every so often *shrugs* im hopeless.

    xoxo davie.

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