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Bruised (nephele_delfino) wrote,
@ 2003-09-02 15:09:00
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    Current mood:thankful
    Current music:..*..delbert mcclinton-have a little faith in me..*..

    ..*.. i got a dyslexic heart..*..

    Risk...its a word we all know right? Its a word everyone is afraid of know why? Cause we are all so bound to what is comfertable and what we know, we are afraid to let our fears confide in risk. DAMN THE MAN. See what people and society do to those with hearts that want to do nothing but be happy? I have many friends who want to do what they dream of, what their minds wander off to think about, but because of failure, rejection, and their own fears, they stop...right..who am I you ask? No one really..another speck in this world doing exactly what others are doing..trying to be happy. I risk everyday...I have said this shit before and I will say it again...whats the point of living if you can't risk? Weather that means..jumping off the cliff with bungee, taking a long ass trip to Cali, by yourself...falling in love, taking a class in something you never in the world thought you could and will do, losing semi entertainment and a once friend because of wanting to know the truth, and knowing it. Hell people risk is something we do everyday, waking up Lol, thats a risk we if we can that...and step outside why not try another step?

    I care about you...some of you..and I understand not everyone can do what some others do, but one day you will..and your going to fucking be amazed at what you accomplish. Might not be now, might not be tomorrow..but soon, soon you will realize your potential of what you can become, what can become of your life. Lately I fuckign tacky as this sounds, I have been a bit..well somehting feels diffrent, and I'm not sure what it is..and I am fucking sc-...well..I'll take it as it comes as looney toons as that SERIOUSLY sounds.. jesus. But, I still say people suck, but this world is amazing, fuck em for pushing you do what makes YOU happy..not what is expected of you, not what you might be scared of..I know I know, but try it..once its over and the horror fades, you'd be surprised how much not only better you feel, but what a weight has been lifted from your shoulders, now its just the getting there we have to step towards in that risk...just the getting there....but think of the possibilities after the embaressment, the fright..the unsureness, think pass that, think ....of what you could do.

    {{ NOW THAT I HAVE LAMED MYSELF..Lol..I meant it all..gah..later..I am off to baby sit Tasha..hope you guys are well...-sighs- I want to find ...yeah..I suck at this stuff.. Lmao..later}}

    ..when the road gets dark, and you can no longer see...just let love grow stronger...and have a little faith in me you..and when the tears you cry...are all you can believe..just have a little faith in me you..

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