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Stephanie (neonfrogfreak) wrote,
@ 2005-07-09 20:52:00
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    The Beach. What an awesome book; even better than I remembered it. I could write about it as part of my dissertation for English if I could find a book which is similar thematically. The search for paradise and that utopia being tainted. I've got six possible ideas for my dissertation, and I can't narrow my options down. I'd love to focus on Douglas Coupland and his exploration of one particular theme but I can't choose only one. But I've got five books which feature the coming of age of the teenage protagonist; masses of material there. Decisions decisions.
    By contrast I'm having absolutely no luck choosing a topic for my modern studies dissertation. Ideally my main subject would be feminism but I'm not sure how I could link it to politics. Female political participation in politics and the underlying causes which have halted progress? A possible. I've got until October to decide but if I chose now I'd have even longer to work on it.
    My grandad is such a thoughtful man, he's brought me back all manner of different kinds of Twinings tea from his holiday. What a nice gesture.
    I've promised to tidy out my room tomorrow, I could start with my magazine drawer now. I wonder how much I've spent in total on my various publications, must run into the hundreds. Money well spent.

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