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NeNe (nene1984) wrote,
@ 2004-11-25 08:21:00
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    So I pack all of my things, and I'm crying for no reason, pretty sad don't you think? My tears have nothing to do with not wanting to leave this place, maybe the people...some of them anyway. More so, the tears are from things long past, I found the notebooks Beth and I kept through two years of high school. We used to write every single nickname we gave eachother on our arms during freshman year. In biology during sophomore year we would punch eachothers arms the whole time we took notes, neither of us ever said "uncle" Then a picture of a butterfly Cristi made me the time she came over here first time. I kept it because she told me to lol I forgot until I found it in there. I introduced her to spaceballs that day...we watched it twice in a row. We MEMORIZED the "now, now" part....thats right. The pictures from when I was in the cities, with Jen and Andrew. I was Andrew's body guard through middle school ya know. Glenn's too. Oh, yeah, I'm that cool lol. I know most of you don't know any of these people but they've taken up my life over the years, and I miss the ones I haven't talked to in so long. I should call and see if Andrew went home for thanksgiving, I don't wanna lose touch with him, he probly forgot about me though, but I just can't resist a chance to remember what was, even if andrew and I werent like DEEPLY close, point is, girls are there for the emotions, andrew was there for the manly, more stupid me. we did some dumb shit, he was fast playing bloody knuckles, but he just couldnt make my knuckles hurt like i could when i got that one hit on his hahahaha, i know im a fuckin' loser, but I miss those times, I don't miss school, but i miss him and sarah and jen and mandy rothier, yeah she would remember me if we met again, but otherwise im just a memory *sigh* ah, well I guess this is a sign of a true pessismist, on THANKSgiving im thinking of all my regrets. go figure....toodles.

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