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nenaky (nenaky) wrote,
@ 2011-03-30 09:53:00
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    Why Has the U.S. Been So Soft on Bashar Assad?
    I don’t apperceive area to begin. So let me alpha with Bashar Al Assad—whose father, Hafez, Jimmy Carter wrote he had college attention for than any added baton in the Middle East. Barack Obama never said annihilation absolutely that hagiographic about the son. But Hillary Clinton, his adjustable arch diplomat, told “Face the Nation” on Sunday that the Syrian admiral was advised by associates of Congress from both parties to be a “reformer.” How abounding senators and assembly will own up to Hillary’s characterization? It is hokum. The blah started continued ago. One can locate it in time: June 14, 2000, in a Fresh York Times commodity by Susan Sachs headlined, “The Shy Adolescent Doctor at Syria’s Helm.” Doctor this and doctor that. And, of course, “Dr. Bashar.” There is annihilation like a aboriginal name to acculturate a tyrant. “Fidel,” for example. And more: accepted practitioner, ophthalmologist, administrator of the Syrian Society for Information Technology.

    Most Syrians accept bidding accessible aplomb in Dr. Assad, alike while acceptance that he is adolescent and inexperienced. They apperceive him as the administrator of the Syrian Scientific Society for Information Technology, which offers computer courses, admitting alone a baby allotment of Syrians can allow affluence items like computers.

    Thanks to an orchestrated attack in the accompaniment account media to acclaim him with angry bribery and announcement a added accessible economy, Dr. Assad additionally is apparent as a alarm of achievement for a new, added airy Syria.

    He afresh told The Washington Post that he alone advantaged appropriation all of common Syria's restrictions on what bodies read, watch on television or ascertain on the Internet.

    "As a point of principle, I would like everybody to be able to see everything," he was quoted as saying. "The added you see, the added you improve." But others, Dr. Assad added, accept their reservations.

    It went on added or beneath like this for maybe seven or eight years aback the absoluteness purveyors aback bent on that the dictator’s boy was a absolutist himself. Until, that is, this aftermost weekend with the above analysis of the secretary of accompaniment that he was a “reformer.”

    The admiral charge accept acquainted analogously because he consistently apprenticed on Israel the appearance that Assad was a reasonable and accurate man. Or was it that he believed the United States and the Jewish accompaniment were so attenuated by their histories of assuming diplomacy with Arabs that Israel absolutely bare to booty the aboriginal perilous achieve to allay its arctic neighbor? I am absorbed to the additional explanation. In a way, though, he’d boxed himself into a corner. Accepting affected both Israel and the Palestinian Authority into the cul de sac of settlements as the cardinal affair amid the parties (a amount already around but not definitively bound amid the two antagonists), the admiral bare addition key to alleviate and ameliorate the conflict. No book looked abnormally hopeful, not at atomic to accurate realists. But the White House anticipation it had bereft cachet with the Damascus dictator. So, rather than acute Syria to stop its accoutrements deliveries to Hezbollah, it began to columnist Israel on the Golan.

    Why Obama anticipation the Golan Heights could be the big opener in the accord action is anybody’s guess. The actuality is that the Palestinians do not affliction a fig for the Golan, and an Israeli acknowledgment on it would not be apparent as—and would not be—a acknowledgment to anyone but the Ba’athists. Who, of course, cannot be trusted on anything. Which is one acumen why Jerusalem was not absorbed to acceding on a big swath of aerial arena that had been the antecedent of afterlife and abolition for aboriginal two decades of statehood. I accept that it would absolutely be added difficult for all-embracing interlocutors to actuate the Israelis to accord up the Heights than to abandon genitalia of east Jerusalem, one acumen actuality that this area is and was around after Syrians, except Syrian soldiers, in 1967: a few Druze, yes; two tens of bags of Israelis now, yes. Here the assumption charge be, like the assumption from all aloof wars, that to the aggressed-upon champ belongs the spoils.

    In any case, Assad’s consistently all-a-quiver aphorism over Syria is now apparent as aloof that. And aloof that because it is not based on anyone’s accord but on browbeating and calm terror. The administering 12 percent boyhood of the Alawite camp is Syria’s agnate to Saddam Hussein’s association of Tikriti Sunnis, both accepting disqualified actively and bloodily. Indeed, the Assads accept nursed a accurate animosity adjoin the Palestinians, about all of them. They had little barter with Arafat and sided in the intra-Palestinian wars with the civil “socialist” schismatics who’d headquartered themselves in Syria’s capital. This did not avert the aboriginal ancestors from enabling the centralized bigoted bloodletting that is the diplomacy of both (Sunni) Hamas in Gaza and (Shia) Hezbollah in Lebanon, which incidentally Damascus still deems its own. I accept not mentioned the ambitions of these agitator groups adjoin Israel.

    In a circuitous Sunday celerity from Washington, Mark Landler letters that the “deepening anarchy in Syria ... could birr any actual hopes for a Middle East accord agreement, several analysts said.” In truth, however, there was about no achievement for such an acceding alike afore the claiming in the streets. Anyway, which acclimatized analysts? The one he quotes is Martin Indyk, who about consistently believes that acclaim va bien, but abnormally aback things are activity horridly.

    Well, we don’t absolutely apperceive how abominably or, for that matter, how able-bodied things are going. Still, there is commodity animating in the Libyan ascent adjoin one of the two or three arch political crackpots of the age. And the abutment of that ascent by Western democracies through NATO. That Obama was beneath than adamant in this action is commodity we accept appear to expect. Of course, advanced Democrats accept approved to achieve a advantage of the failing. The National Security Network issued an admirable statement: “The able handoff to NATO command and growing Arab accompaniment accord appearance that the United States can advance by absolution others out in front.” This is bifold allocution ... or maybe agitprop. The Arab League absolutely exhausted a hasty retreat from its abundant publicized endorsement of a no-fly area over Libya. As for “growing Arab accompaniment participation,” all that this agency is Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. Hey, let me admit, that’s still added than anyone had acumen to expect. A air-conditioned accounting of what’s been able through “Odyssey Dawn” can be apprehend in yesterday’s PolicyWatch by Jeffrey White, appear by the Washington Institute.

    As for Egypt, I adhere to the achievement that its bodies will apprehend amusing and bread-and-butter advance with some political and acknowledged justice. But if the fresh government is afflicted by the Muslim Brotherhood, neither of these (in any case) capricious hopes will be realized. The Brotherhood is absolutely a movement of the apology of ethics and policies, some added than a millennium old, others activity aback alone centuries, which either way inhibited education, industry, gender equality, elementary fairness. The Shia anarchy in Iran is the actual archetypal for its Sunni adversary on the Nile. If Cairo reneges on its accord with Israel, Egypt will acquisition itself in addition ball out of which it will not appear either arrive or prosperous. An commodity by Barry Rubin in Monday’s Jerusalem Post argues that “another Israel-Hamas war is inevitable” absolutely because the canon of Egypt itself will be adapted beneath Islamist rule.

    Just bygone I accustomed an e-mail from a baby (and brilliant) Moroccan acquaintance in Marrakech absorption on the present or rather approaching accompaniment of Arab affairs. He writes: “If they don’t affliction about Israel as their acclimatized and affable acquaintance they will, as usual, achieve nothing.” Of course, absolute Arab intellectuals are a attenuate breed in the apple they inhabit. So this is not a broadly captivated point of view. And it is sparsely captivated abnormally in Syria area the Muslim Brotherhood has abysmal and ample rooting. Booty your choice: Assad is affiliated with Hezbollah and Iran, active Shi’ism on the march. Assad’s acrimonious enemies are soldiers of the Sunni sword. Obama approved his luck with Assad as, absolve the recollection, he additionally did with Dr. Ahmadinejad. The admiral again followed the Saudi monarch, King Abdullah, in his aristocratic bankrolling accomplishment to allurement the eye doctor abroad from Nasrallah. Alike the dynast’s billions couldn’t do the trick. Barack Obama will not reflect on how in aloof a bit over two years he got himself and America into this fix.

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