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Ash (negativexxcreep) wrote,
@ 2008-07-25 17:08:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:just myself typing

    Don't Understand
    Hmm...well. I was supposed to go to Nikki's house. I did, no one answered. I knocked and rang the doorbell. It probably was too loud in there or something. Nikki...I put headspace in my profile cuz i wanted to add another Velvet Revolver one and it just sounded like it fit.

    Hmm...anyways, what's up people? Yeah...nothing here. I talked to Eric last night. Now I know why I never talk to him. He gets on my freakin nerves so much it's unreal. I was on MestupGCchick182...he thought I was his ex girlfriend Gabby. Yeah, ok let's make fun of people that like GC(at the time) but go out with a girl that does too. Anyways...he spelt my name Ashlee. Nope... wrong. Anyways I found out why I'm a poser. According to him...
    "She's trendy but she thinks she's punk. She's not! And she listens to GAY Good Charlotte and Dashboard Cofessional. And other emo bands!"
    Ok...I don't think I've ever called my self punk or punk rock while I wasn't joking. If I did then owell...i don't care. And I did listen to GC(keyword DID), but I never listened to Dashboard. Hmm...and he says Matt and Blake , him and a bunch of other people think that too. Well from what Matt said to me...he don't feel that way. Eric probably hasn't talked to Matt in a long time. Well...I'm about to go to Nikki's , and mom's callin me to come do something.

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