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Ash (negativexxcreep) wrote,
@ 2008-07-22 18:02:00
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    Current mood: good
    Current music:i love the 90s

    Well...yesterday was fun
    Hey guys. Not much has happened today. I went to Baytown. OO exciting, I know. But anyways at least it got me outta the house. The we went to Gerlands. Now I'm here. Well...yesterday I went to the movies with Nikki and Brittany. We actually saw Spiderman 2 at 7:20. It was cool. Cept for at the end it was kinda funny and some of the stuff she says you dunno why they put it in the script. It was fun. Matt was working. I went up and talked to him several times. The moment I saw him it started all over again. I was like crap! He's still hot! He looks different though. Then he was talking to the chick in the other box thing, and Nikki was looking at the Garfield thing above the chicks head. Then he finally got off the phone and he said that the chick said to stop looking at her. NIKKI WASNT EVEN LOOKING AT HER! Since I kept going over and talking to Matt she kept giving us dirty looks. Or I should say trying to give us dirty looks cuz it looked funny when she did. And 1/2 the time Matt started the converstaions. Like telling us to leave or he's gonna call security in 5 minutes. Okay...if your gonna call security why wait 5 minutes? Why don't you just do it now? I mean come on. He said that he didn't recognize me or Nikki. That we looked different or something.'s gonna be a lot easier to talk to him this year. Since we talked to him online a lot. Well. I guess I should go now.


    Love: Ask a guy out on a date: He’ll be impressed with your boldness.
    Like sign mate Demi Moore, you are very free spirited this week. Go with it!

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