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Ash (negativexxcreep) wrote,
@ 2008-07-10 21:21:00
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    Current mood: giddy
    Current music:Nikki and Seth

    Nikki's house
    Hi Nikki's house obviously. Doing nothing, been doing nothing, probbaly gonna do nothing. Just hang out. Thats what we always do. Uusually that all we ever do. Nikki's cleaning right now so I'm on here. Obviously. Well that Matt thing didn't work out to well. We never thought of anything and I got over here at about 5 or 6 or something in between there. Don't think theres anything else to say. But...ummm...I guess...almost 1 month until school. I don't like to say that but it's the truth. I try not to think about it unless I absoultly have to. Thisyear, our sophomore year is suppose to be the easiest and suck. least it will be easier y'know. But I'm prett sure that we'll make it notsuck, or at least not that much. Uh...July 30, registration. DONT WANNA GO! IT MUST DIE! But I'll see people I hvaen't seen all summer (hopefully) that I wanna see then those who I've been having a great time not see at all for this past summer. July 30 is also Kristins party. I'm looking forward to it. Since y'know theres nothing else i'm gonna be doing. So why not go to a party.
    I figured out the name of the movie with Sarah Michelle Gellar in it that we wanna see. It's "The Grudge". It comes out on Octber 29... days after my birhtday so hopefully i'll be able to see it for my birthday or something. Hmm...don't think theres anything else to say. I'm just rambling on and on about usuless information to past the time while Nikki cleans. Uh...what other usless information can I tel you. *Thinking* Hmm...I'm not quite sure but I'll think of something as I sit here doing nothing. *Thinks of something usless to tell you people who are bored enough to read this stupid thing about my boring life* Well...I guess if I keep rambling on about how I'm thinking about another usless thing to tell you people then that will occupy(cant spell...owel) myself. has been boring. Did absoutly nothing but clean for dad. Woke up cleaned a little. Sat around, got up and cleaned somemore. And then got online, talked to nikki and brittany, then nikki called we talked for about an hour and then i took a shower called nikki then went to the store then came to nikkis., did some stuff *wink wink*,ate, and now I'm here. Obviously a very active day huh? Well...looks like I have nothing else to tell you very bored people. Bye

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