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Stephanie (neens_003) wrote,
@ 2003-08-31 23:01:00
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    Current mood: nerdy
    Current music:you were meant for me

    :x: name = Stephanie
    :x: piercings = 2, one in each ear
    :x: tattoos = none, but i want one
    :x: height = 4'10" boo-hoo
    :x: shoe size = 6
    :x: hair color = brown
    :x: length = middle of my back
    :x: siblings = two brothers

    :x: movie you rented = sweet home alabama
    :x: movie you bought = dont remember
    :x: song you listened to = you were meant for me ---Jewel
    :x: song that was stuck in your head = you were meant for me ---Jewel
    :x: cd you bought = um...
    :x: cd you listened to = all american rejects
    :x: person you've called = meg
    :x: person that's called you = meg
    :x: tv show you've watched = that's so raven
    :x: person you were thinking of = my aunt mary

    :x: long distance relationships = chris kinda has one, all it is is talking on the phone, but then again neither of them drive yet...
    :x: using someone = against
    :x: killing people = against
    :x: teenage smoking = against
    :x: driving drunk = against
    :x: gay/lesbian relationship = for
    :x: soap operas = huh?

    :x: food = ice cream, pasta
    :x: song = too many, i dunno
    :x: thing to do = hang out with friends
    :x: thing to talk about = girl stuff :p
    :x: sports = baseball
    :x: drinks = dr.pepper, mountain dew, sunkist, black cherry, strawberry...lots more
    :x: clothes = i dunno
    :x: movies = how to lose a guy in 10 days
    :x: band/singer = dunno
    :x: holiday = christmas
    :x: new nerdy saying = dont have one
    :x: disney movie = bambi, tee-hee
    :x: scent = bora bora
    :x: word = too many to tell
    :x: nickname = neens, and another one we DON'T SPEAK OF!
    :x: guy name = I dunno, maybe Ben
    :x: girl name = Kimberly, Melanie
    :x: eye color = blue
    :x: flower = lillies
    :x: piercing = bellybutton
    :x: actress = Carmen Diaz

    :x: pretty = depends
    :x: funny = you can say that...
    :x: hot = not really...
    :x: friendly = yes
    :x: amusing = yes yes yes
    :x: ugly = at times
    :x: loveable = mhhhmmm
    :x: pessimistic = ummmm...
    :x: optimistic = yes
    :x: caring = very much so
    :x: sweet = at times
    :x: dorky = ohhh yeah...24/7

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