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Elithraniel (nebride) wrote,
@ 2003-07-27 04:50:00
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    Current mood: peaceful
    Current music:Ladies - Jethro Tull

    Mm Mm Good!
    Today was a good Saturday; I suppose you can say that I met a fellow sister in Christ. It ended with a jaunt for Papa Johns pizza (with tomatoes and mushrooms, of course XD) and a magnificent episode of .hack//SIGN. It was positively what you would classify my subjective "perfect day". ^^ And, as you can in all probability distinguish for your own, I haven't had one in a while, nor been more happier. For starters, I'm back on diminutive late-night hours (just about to go to bed) and as a result had a whole entire day of pure bliss. ^^ Eh, but along with every good day there is usually a downfall, and today that was the fact that my cat "sprayed" my whole room like a skunk. Just visualize the aroma in here. >.O Lol, *ahem.*

    I've been reading/studying, in the Bible, the book of Ecclesiastes. King Solomon wrote it, a man bestowed the gift of wisdom through God, but no faith, thus died a pagan. Subsequently, you can envision that it's exceptionally philosophical, and somewhat difficult to believe that such a book is in the Bible. It essentially covers the wise mind of an unbeliever and how he ends up but a lost boat upon the sea of life in the termination of his years. I just eat it up. ^^

    I simply love the world. Of course, I scorn sin, but everything else I could never feel more at peace with. Life is sweet. ^^ I do hope you all are in happiness as well, and if not, I pray everything works out.


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