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nickel (nckl) wrote,
@ 2004-08-24 22:49:00
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    being typical
    today was a typical ideal day for summer,
    with nothing much to do, starting off with a nice new haircut and flirts with a new hairwasher at root.
    these new young girls always reminds me of the good old days and of course, how old i am already.

    the day continues it's once-a-upon-time daily-routine with a chat with kai at 'can't remember', the lady that used to appeal me with her maturity is back again, this time only looking much more older while being much less appealing, and tsuen wan, can never be tsuen wan again, things are all just getting out of hand.

    met up with jfa and hang around in malls, department stores are always our favorite, with much to see and few to spend, we end up being in tung chung at the espirit outlet where we manage to pick up anything and, match them well, i guess we are just good stylists, maybe only for ourselves. we end up with 3 bags of new mid-cut shoes, old-school white tee shirt with orange edges and an old-school dark blue wollen jacket for jfa, an elegant bag for mum and a pair of stripe shorts for me.

    we just have a taste for space, we love space, being cozy and down to earth on the streets and feeling the light breeze blowing against our sweated skin...
    what else can we ask for on a typical summer night?

    what a wonderful sight.

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