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nbalove (nbalove) wrote,
@ 2012-05-25 09:37:00
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    Faut really bleed a state karen millen sale that never existed?
    The Greek crisis will soon come back,karen millen dressesthreatening the very beginnings of the new French presidency. So we must also return to the elementary education, the repetition, we know, is the first principle. If you want to see the disaster in Greece currently offers the simple translation of government negligence and carelessness social amenable to treatment doses of austerity horse, it will kill the patient, but also on n 'will not understand the historical processes of mutation,http://www.karenmillendressesmartuk.comwhere the concomitants outweigh the direct causalities. In this respect, the Greek saga is demonstrative. It appears at the crossroads of three logical self: a social crisis, a crisis of the state, a crisis of Europe.

    For a little less than two centuries of its contemporary history,karen millen outletGreece has built its economic development on a societal fashion. With very few exceptions - the period of Eleftherios Venizelos, in the inter-war period, after the defeat against Turkey - is the society initiatives, groups and individuals united by strong family solidarity, that 'expired primary responsibility of building the material and spiritual foundations of the nation: the small farming, cottage industry, then industry and tourism, housing,karen millen saleand above all that of millions of rural people who arrived in large cities in the second half of the twentieth century, the education of children through a dense network of private institutions and popular. For a long time, this "autoportage" of social thrived happily, bringing out the Greece of poverty, albeit with international aid - U.S. before being European - but especially through the work and ingenuity of its citizens . Lying and laziness is accused today of the Greek people are fables.

    But this system is out of breath. Greece has suddenly discovered that at a certain level of growth, we could not build cities without any spaces or public transport, karen millen sale an unregulated economy, social solidarity without organization or health emergency preparedness, training without a competitive frame collective education. Curiously, the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004, less indebted nation that delayed the realization of this radical transformation. After all, through a little stingy governance means and legality, it was, with the metro, the new airport in the capital, and urban highways, was the success of all: to win the European football championships, inauguration of one of the most spectacular marine bridges in the world on the Gulf of Corinth, a successful sporting event universal.

    Three years later, tragedy dozens of deaths in fires in the Peloponnese, in the disruption of administrative services, signed a nightmarish awakening. Greek society is ready for it provided an overhaul, to accept the creation of a "public affairs", and to pay for it? Unfortunately, the evolution of the state does not promote this awareness. Low, permissive for businesses of its citizens failing to invest himself, his servants for patronage, he was from the outset. What has changed, karen millen dresses from the 1980s and the coming to power of PASOK (Socialist Party) of Andreas Papandreou, is that of localist, the system has spread across the entire country, multiplying emoluments and sinecures.

    For thirty years, all governments, right and left, that have succeeded have amplified this behavior with magnified by means of EU subsidies, which did not serve, it is true, as investments productive. The company has benefited, but is mired in the political class into disrepute. The lamentable spectacle of disunity gives it after the elections on May 6 is the absolute demonstration. The contradiction is that it is not ripping off a state that never existed we give respectability and impartiality.

    And Europe, itself, has changed the playing community, is not free of responsibility. It was built on solidarity with "South" (southern Italy, Greece, Portugal, Spain), considering that the correction of economic inequality and the consolidation of democracy combined the best of its history and interest of all. The crisis that afflicts too, she discovers that it is fiscal discipline and control of public debt that are the norm. It is his right. But it can make all the consequences to his debtors, nor do they have the primary responsibility for the lack of financial and social policies common. At its most wealthy and influential, Germany and France in the lead, karen millen outlet to show that growth and progress are values ​​worthy of excitement.

    In total, the Greek crisis is exemplary, as it binds to causes beyond its effects. But it is not insoluble. Greek society, which in its vast majority, wants less austerity immediate and does not leave the euro, is not so contradictory. It would not be impervious to the sacrifices entailed a real state, provided that it is in fairness and responsibility of its rulers. This is the weak link of the reasoning. But we must also support a European idea that is not only financial and competitive, but social and democratic. This is an immediate challenge for Greece. This is a structural challenge for France. It is vital for the construction of Europe.

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