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nauru907 (nauru907) wrote,
@ 2011-09-21 06:29:00
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    Current mood:surprised

    Is Phenocal Effective For Shedding Off The Unwanted Pounds

    To reduce weight, you have to speed up your metabloic rate and get your body fat to be used up as energy too. Work out more and consume less food is the typical approach, but for people whose metabolic rate is slow it's not enough. There's assistance in the form of supplements, which have a dual effect; promotion of thermogenesis and an increase in metabolic rate Using the fat stored in your body to supply energy is what's referred to as thermogenesis. Pharmaxa Labs says that its product Phenocal gets both results. A unique blend of plants and herbs quickens the metabolic rate and encourages thermogenesis while simultaneously making you feel less hungry and more energetic. That might be quite a bit for a simple supplement, but it contains a number of effective active ingredients.

    Green Tea, Chromium, and Evodiame are the main ingredients known to promote healthy and fast weight loss. Green Tea has been a popular drink in other parts of the world, but just became popular in the West after it was discovered to be rich in antioxidants and promoted weight loss. Catechin polyphenols, compounds that boost thermogenesis and oxidize fats, are the component in the herb that makes it a very good diet supplement. A Japanese study found that the daily intake of five cups of the tea can burn fat and speed up the metabolism.

    Caffeine, which boosts the rate of metabolism, and epigallocatechin gallate, which burns body fat, are also ingredients of Green Tea. Unfortunately, not all Green Tea products work equally well. Alas, some of the ingredients are rendered impotent by processing. The supplement Phenocal contains controlled levels of the two Green Tea catechins, and in addition it contains Chromium. Chromium is an important trace mineral in the body that is needed for the utilization of fats and carbohydrates. Chromium has become well-known lately as a result of all that it does. Due to its effectiveness in the burning of fats, Chromium has become a staple ingredient in pills for weight loss.

    Obesity is a risk factor for both diabetes and cardiovascular disease; by helping men and women slim down, Chromium decreases the risk of developing these illnesses. The incorrect weight loss plan can trigger muscle loss; losing weight with Chromium doesn't do this - instead it builds muscle, and an added benefit is that LDL (bad cholesterol) levels are reduced. One other component in Phenocal is Evodiamine, another substance that has thermogenic properties. Evodiamine, referred to in China as Wu-Chu-Yu, is an alkaloid that originates from the plant Evodiae Fructus, and has been found to increase body temperatures, and influencing metabolism. The result of raising the body's core temperature is a rise in the amount of calories and fat converted to fuel by the body.

    Phenocal has more ingredients, but the three main fat losing ingredients are Green Tea, Chromium, and Evodiamine. Studies done independently of Phenocal's maker have found that the active ingredients of the supplement do help weight loss.

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