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Marilyn (nalabobala) wrote,
@ 2003-11-25 16:35:00
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    Current mood: chipper
    Current music:Born to be Wild!

    Vacation is lookin up.....
    Well I was really upset the other night. I was sooo bored...but oh well, I feel better now. Yesterday I woke up and Luke (one of my buddies, who is pretty hot) showed up while I was geting ready to jump in the that was interesting. I haven't seen him in like forever, so it was kinda weird at first...but oh well. We talked about stuff and thanksgiving plans for like and hour then he had to go back to work.

    After he left and I had gotten my shower...I was extreemly bored. I had nothing to do. I waited around for a while just chillin with my grandma, then decided I needed to do something. So I called up Dana, (Luke's sister and friend to me) and asked her what she was doin'. She was just hangin out with peeps, so I decided that after I went to my camp to see it, I would go over to see Dana. So we ended up hanging out at her house like the rest of the day. Her parents ended up getting stranded in Texas with my parents another night, lol. So they got the house to themselfs again. So we orderd Pizza and soda, and watched Pretty Woman! Good movie! Anyway...I stayed at their house till like 10:30 then went back to my grams, but not before I had talked to Ian on the phone. I found out that he could pick me up in the morning, and I could hang with him till Turky Day. So I was excited. Another day down.

    Today I had to get up at 8! yuk!! I never get up that early! Anyway I got up called Ian, gave directions, showered, packed and was out the door at 9:30. Impressive 4 me lol! We waited for Ian and got very worried when he was late. He finally made it, but had gotten lost lol. All he had to do was stay on one road till he got to the traffic light! I didn't think it was that hard lol, but he accomplished getting lost lol. Anyway he picked me up, we jetted over to his freinds then were off to augusta for the day. He had to collect donations for a silent auction they are having at their school, whatever that means....anyway we spent a long time doin that, then finally I made it to Ians house....thats where I am right now. He has a bunch of buddies over to spend the night and play video games all night lol. Oh well..I miss my Baby.....:( I can't wait till vacation is over and I can see him!!! Anyway thats it for now....byes!!

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