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Nadare (nadarexizos) wrote,
@ 2012-02-04 15:17:00
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    Current mood: thoughtful
    Current music:Athlete- Chances

    Look before you leap, pal.
    The rest of “Bedlam” was only marginally better than the first two episodes. Kate’s bitchiness struck again in the form of having an affair with a married man, and when she was rejected, causing the married man’s wife to leave him. Strangely enough, she didn’t try to fill the gap. Then again, she was off snogging her cousin Jed. The last episode left it on a cliff hanger, and I have no idea if the show was renewed for another season. I’d hope not, but if it was, they really need to veer away from the ghost of the week formula. Focus more on Jed, and have less of Ryan’s am-I-gay-or-am-I-not crisis and Molly’s fickleness. After finishing up that series, I started watching “Luther,” a crime drama.

    There’s crimes all right, but you have to muddle through Luther’s personal issues a lot. Wife left Luther, fell in love with another man then went back to Luther before being murdered by one of Luther’s coworkers. The one highlight for me during the first series was Alice. She rather amuses me with her dry wit, and the weird relationship her and Luther have is done really well. Despite murdering her parents, and getting away with it, she seems to get on with Luther quite well. My big problem with the series is it doesn’t seem that realistic. The only reason Luther knows Alice murdered her parents is because she didn’t yawn when he did. Seriously? Maybe she wasn’t tired, dip shit. -_-; Luther’s always coming up with the answer, and the logic behind that idea is usually based off some insignificant detail. “Don’t worry, kid, just because the killer has a knife to your throat doesn’t mean he’ll hurt you. He can’t do anything without a mask.”

    Really?! You’d take that risk when someone is one step away from death. No wonder Luther keeps getting into shady situations wherein his badge is suspended, or he’s breaking procedure right and left. I’ve got one more episode in the second series, and the killer(s) this time around wreck mayhem by using a five sided dice. Like life is one big RPG, the results are sometimes damn funny. On Demand doesn’t have the last two episodes of the second series, but maybe they’ll be up sometime in the near future. I’m not waiting with bated breath though. Nothing big going on as usual, just trying to keep Da’s cold from fully manifesting. At the moment, I just feel “blah” and have a runny nose that turns off and on randomly. All right, off to get dressed and whatnot.

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