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Kayla (n_this_skin) wrote,
@ 2004-04-08 19:43:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:Daniel Bedingfield - If You're Not the One

    La Di Da....
    Well, today has been alright I guess. I went in late to school today...I got there about 12:10 (beginning of 5th period). Nothing much happened today. This guy named Bobby Thacker kept telling me in 7th period that he loved me...? And I was like, "Bob, I have a boyfriend." Then he'd just shake his head. I wish he didn't feel that offense to him or's just...I am so in love with Josh!
    When I got home, I went with my mama to take my brother Chris to the doctor. He's had a lot of trouble with health. See my mom was in a car wreck when she was pregnant with him and it sent her into labor and they had to give her this mediciene to keep her from dialating or something...well..he was still born early after a complicated pregnancy and the cord was around his neck. He wasn't supposed to live...they had preachers praying over him and everything. They told my mom that if he did make it, he wouldn't live past three years old. Needless to say, he spent the first few years of his life in and out of the hospital. He has a mild learning disablity. Like, he's not retarded-- and he's not in special just takes a little while for things to 'sink in' in his classes. He also has a slight speech inpediment (sp?), but he's comprehendable. Last summer though, he had to have his appendix removed and the doctors 'noticed' that he was missing a kidney! He's 13, shouldn't they have 'noticed' that at birth? Anyways, he started losing protien where the kidney he has had been working so hard to make up for the other one. He has to go every month to a children's hospital in Cinci. Ohio...but he's doing better now. He stopped losing protien, and the doctors told him that he could continue playing sports (football, basketball, and baseball) so he's happy about that. But he started getting shaky, light headed, and mom took him to the doctor today and he has to go tomorrow to the hospital to be checked for MORE problems... My poor brother. He doesn't know how much I love him... and I'm mostly just messin around with him when we argue. I don't know what I would do if I ever lost him...
    Well, then we went to my grandmothers house for a while....she got me a purse and some jewelry that I really like and also gave me some money. I don't know why!! But I guess it's just where she's a grandma...and grandmas like to give. When she handed it to me I was like "What's all of this for?" and she went on about how you just except a gift and don't She's really proud of me for my good grades (3.9 GPA, I made all A's this year, and all A's and 1 B last year). So...oh well! She's supposed to be getting me a Louis Vuitton purse!! And may'be another Dooney and Bourke..!!!!
    I really wish that Josh could get to go with me tomorrow to Tennessee...I'm gonna miss him so much. And it would be perfect if he could go. We'd get to spend the whole weekend together! I think we're going to the mall!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm excited! I love shopping!!!
    Well....I really gotta clean my room. I cleaned it last weekend....but when I get ready I have a bad habit of putting on an outfit, deciding I don't wanna wear it...trying on about 1 more outfits and then deciding I'm gonna stick with the one I had on in the first place! And do I put the clothes back away?!! So...I gotta clean up all of that. Guess it's just typical for a girl, huh? lmao...well....I'll write more later!!


    .-*-.I Love Josh.-*-.

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