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Patrick (mytmouse) wrote,
@ 2004-03-19 21:03:00
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    Current mood:blank
    Current music:...

    hey, hey-ay...
    Wokeup around 9 and headed out to the backyard to check out this tree my dad wants me to dig up. I grabbed a shovel and started going at it, fucking thing is rooted pretty deep. I decided to stop and go have lunch after I got a call from Melissa. We met at Chipotle downtown and had a good lunch together. She told me about her and Tiff and asked me to a rave tonight... more about that later. After lunch, got a big ol' hug from Melissa and wished her good luck with her kids 4-square game(they won!).

    After lunch I finally saw Forrest today, good to see he is doing ok. He's having a few financial difficulties, but I'm sure he'll survive. I met him at his work down at Florin. He wanted to pickup his pay check, the only problem was, it was at his old store way over in Carmichael. He was really low on gas so off we drove all the way to Carmichael to pickup his check. Then I took him to the bank so he could get some money to fill his tank, what a surprise at the bank. Things were a little messed up with his checking account. Forrest temporarily resolved the issue. We stopped by his house after the bank and then headed to Starbucks @ Arden and Eastern. I don't typically goto Starbucks but I made an exception for Forrest. We came back here because he had to head to work, had some dinner, then drove him to Florin. Now I'm back home waiting for Melissa to call about the rave... it's getting rather late in the evening so I'm gonna pickup Ami and head to True until I hear from Melissa.

    [update] The period before I wrote this when I was at Marshall's Melissa phoned me. My phone had no signal so she left a message. I missed the call totally. My fucking retarded phone didn't bother to tell me I had voice mail until an hour after the message. I missed out on a totally awesome night with Melissa :( [/update]

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