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Patrick (mytmouse) wrote,
@ 2004-03-18 01:33:00
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    Current mood:satisfied

    Somewhat of an uneventful day. I took my car out to the dealership to get some recall work done then phoned Melissa to ask her out to lunch. She declined, but hinted at dinner. She was busy getting ready for her class's big four square game. Since lunch was a no go, I called up Ali and see if she wanted to hang out. She said sure so I skateboarded on over to her house (she lives about a 1/2 mile from me). Almost killed myself going down a steep hill.. skateboards + steep hills = dangerous. Nonetheless, I did make it to her house in one piece. She had a few things to do, but we hung out on the couch and talked for awhile. Headed back home around 1:45 then tried to get ahold of Forrest. He wouldn't return my messages so I called one more time then gave up. I did originally plan to have lunch with him, but he was concerned about gas. So after scheduling lunch, I called back and told him that we'd hang out before he goes to work because he has to drive this direction.

    The dealership called around 2p and told me that they couldn't do the work today and wanted to keep my car. I said hell no and had them come pick me up so I could get my car back. On the way back from the dealer I stopped at Jimboy's and grabbed a bite to eat then headed home. Hung around the house for a bit then decided to get a Jamba before dinner (Strawberries Wild [mmm]). Just had a salad, never really had dinner. Oh and Melissa's hint at dinner ended up being us meeting at True Love, which kinda disappointed me. We still hung out for a bit, but she was tired and headed up. I'm gonna goto her 4-Square game tomorrow if it's not cancelled..

    After True Love, I met up with Janine here at my house. We hung out in the family room and had a good time. Partially watched a hip-hop / house music documentary called Scratch. She headed home about a bit ago, I do hope she's gotten home safely. I'm gonna go brush my teeth and put some jammies on and sleep, big day tomorrow :)

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