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Patrick (mytmouse) wrote,
@ 2004-04-13 01:38:00
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    Current mood:amused
    Current music:g love and special sauce - i love you

    jobsdhq311: "if you're into evil you're a friend of mine"
    Sunday my parents woke me up. My dad said they'd come up around 1p, but they got here two hours early, freakin 11am! Might not sound that bad, if you went to bed at a normal hour. I sure as hell didn't. I went to sleep at like.. 4am. I had my final show of Every Man and ya, that went well. Oh ya, wrote about this already hehe. So, YESTERDAY, my parents were up. We went to Easter Brunch at The Black Crow downtown, they're kinda in a financial bind, so I had to pay a little bit for brunch. Not bad at all though, they'll get through their money woes. I found out they put my dog, Tango, to sleep. That really made me sad.. she had a stroke I guess and was paralyzed so it had to be done...

    My parents hung around a little while and then my father and I went to the movies. We saw Tom Hanks in The Ladykillers. Both he and Marlon Wayans played hilarious roles. The movie was a B+ in my book! My mother didn't go because her back was bothering, she stayed and rested at my place. When we came back she was mopping my floor and had completely cleaned my entire apartment. I had kinda expected it, she did the same thing last time I tried to take her to the movies..

    Last night was pretty much spent at home, I had some fun chatting with friends through Yahoo and such.. if you're ever bored you can send me a Y! IM at the Yahoo id: hrmf.

    Today I expected to have breakfast brought to me, but that never happened unfortunately. That's what happens when you stay up until 4am then expect to have someone bring you breakfast at 7am when they did the same. Slept until 12 took a shower at 2p, then went out to get lunch and do my laundry. There were these SATAN children at the laundromat after I had lunch, it was ridiculous, the mother wasn't even trying to control them. Amber and her friend Amelia picked me up around 6p to get a bite to eat. We went to Windy's Chinese Restaurant and got a bunch of Chinese food. Came back to my place and chowed down, had some fun and realized that was the first time I had company over for dinner in my apartment. Wound up watching a bit of TV then wishing everyone a good night

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