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Patrick (mytmouse) wrote,
@ 2004-04-01 22:10:00
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    Current mood:happy
    Current music:Bob's Child - Ballad for my inspiration

    Monday was pretty lame, I worked some evolution vs creationism lecture "Intellectual Design" or some shit. Hey, at least I got paid for it. Tuesday I skipped my English class but made it to everything else, turned in my political advertisement for my media writing class, and um, chilled at home. Wednesday I hooked up with James and Crystal and we watched CSI for a bit. Around 2 we decided to goto the movies, drove out there and there wasnt anything playing until four... SOOOO we went to Ben and Jerry's and then headed back to James's place to watch the rest of CSI Las Vegas.

    I should start watching CSI more often, I quite liked the season we watched... ooo, I got the gospel choir pictures developed so I'll drop one in here at the end.

    I saw Steriogram, Yellowcard, and Something Corporate this evening. Show was pretty early, started @ 6pm and went until roughly 9:30p. All of the bands were good, and Something Corporate was of course AWESOME!! I've seen them three times live now, Portland, Seattle, and Chico. Now Floater just needs to come to Chico.. I'm gonna goto the movies tonight or tomorrow, not sure about tonight cuz I work at like 10am tomorrow. I start crew tomorrow night for a play in our black box theatre, Every Man. Should be fun, haven't worked a show for almost a year!

    Been trying to get ahold of Amanda but I haven't spoken with her for nearly a week. And to think, we live in the same damn town, she's barely 1/2 a mile from me! Oh well, looking forward to next week cuz friends should be coming up for their spring breaks.

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