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Maryam (mystory) wrote,
@ 2003-03-15 17:51:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:Alice Key- Caged Bird

    Today was just like whatever...I woke up around 9:00 and just hung out for a little bit..Then I went to the park, the jock that I am, and watched my bestfriends brothers baseball game..You've got to love those coaches..You would think they were coach a high school team..they go a little over excited.. to say the least..

    I played a little catch with this kid, and he seemed surprised that a girl could through. I hate that guys thinks girls can't play any sports, who are they kidding?

    I have this vocab. that I should be studying but my brain is not working at this moment. I took a nape around 2:00 when I came back from the park and recently woke up..

    I want to go to BN one of my favorite places, hey i know i'm such a dork!
    Starbucks sounds pretty good at this moment..maybe Ivy wants to go?

    I was thinking school isnt all that bad..I sort of like it..people i can talk to and people that on some level actually care about me..Its hard to explain.

    My brain i think needs to slow keeps working and hasnt slowed down..i guess i'm worried about they whole turning in Ivy's poem as my own..I hope she doesn't find out, and i wont do it again b/c its not fair to myself..

    I have a science tests of friday, i feel pressure to do well, i guess because the teacher expects alittle more form me..its cool though..

    I finally decided I want to go to FSU! UF or UCF would be fine, but FSU is my first choice..

    May I can get some work done..


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