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Mystic (mysticsuicide) wrote,
@ 2003-08-02 13:01:00
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    Current mood: determined
    Current music:Orgy "Stitches"

    One new entry...
    Yay...this is my first entry. It's so joyful! I've been wanting one for awhile now, so it's pretty cool that I finally have one. Thanx to Ashley!! Haha...much love!!
    But on the the juicy stuff...hehehe! I should be going to the Factory tonight. Notice I say "should be" because I'm only going if Emily's going...more than likely. And she hasn't given me an exact answer yet, so I don't know. She said something about giving me a ride there, so hopefully it all works out. But I'm broke off my ass so it should be very interesting! If not, I guess I can resort to calling Mel and seeing if he can give me a ride, even though I prefer not to.
    I'm supposed to go the Factory tomorrow too...with Joker. But when I tried to call him, he didn't answer. That sounds really familiar. *cough, cough* Oh well, for those of you who truely know me, know exactly who I'm talking about. Speaking of Jaton...hehehe...I'm glad we're over in a way. I realized after what he did to me, I can always do better! And I really hate to say that because I do still love him, as sickening as that may sound. But it's for the best!
    So in my conquer to find a desent goth guy, I've come up with a mission. At the Factory, I shall find a hot sexy goth guy....and actually talk to him! I have one in mind, but I don't know if he'll be there since it's gonna be a punk show. But he was there last Saturday, so I might get lucky. And from there, we'll talk and laugh. And that's all I've come up with so far, but if it goes well, I'm sure it'll lead to other things.

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