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Jessica (mysticchamber) wrote,
@ 2004-08-13 14:00:00
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    Current mood: annoyed
    Current music:nothing....

    Dammit. I am in a bad mood. I just want to beat the crap out of something. I'm not going to say why I am mad though.
    We're moving like next week. It's still in town so I'm happy. I am tired of this house anyway. We've lived here like 6 years already. Time to move on and make new memories at a different house. This one is too small anyways. I hope we don't get our phone shut off for awhile though. Then I won't be able to talk to Steve. I'd have to write him letters or something and we both suck at writing letters. :( I'd miss him. He's cool. I still wish he lived here because he's so cool.
    My computer is a piece of shit and I hate it. I don't use it a whole lot so it doesn't matter too much to me...but it is definatly fucked up. I know it's got some viruses. Oh, well. I only use it to talk to Steve pretty much. I write in this sometimes but I don't really care about this journal a whole lot. I have my own real one anyways.
    I'm cold. This weather has been great though. I love fall and that's what it seems like.
    Today is my day off and I am still sitting at home and it's 10 past two o'clock. It sucks. Dustin sleeps in all the time and then he takes forever to get ready so like we probably won't be in Springfield til like freaking 5. That pisses me yeah that's kinda what I am pissed about. I don't even need Fridays off because he isn't even ready to go until like 3 so it shouldn't even matter if I have them off or not. I hate work though. It sucks ass. It's so fucking boring. Time drags so much because we aren't busy long enough.
    I saw Earl yesterday! I miss him. It made me happy even though we didn't talk. The store was busy and we were both checking out so we only said hi. I wish I would have talked to him though. He was cool when he wanted to be. He was entertaining.
    I need to buy some blank cds so I can burn some. I want to make some cds for Steve.
    Well, people need the phone so I guess I need to go. I wish I were in a better mood. I hate feeling pissed.

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