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Jessica (mysticchamber) wrote,
@ 2004-08-05 12:37:00
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    Current mood:I dunno
    Current music:News radio and classical

    Hey yo. We went camping over the weekend. It was cool. We had a lot of fun. Dustin did get to go so of course I spent all my time with him. We went to Turkey Run State Park it was cool. We did the most rugged trail and it took us two hours to complete it. It was really cool though. Some parts we couldn't believe people were actually allowed to go on because they were dangerous. I didn't see any critters or snakes so it was cool with that. We went swimming and stuff. It was a good time. Like last time it was really cool waking up to him. we just held eachother a few times through out the night and when we woke-up. It was great.

    Dustin got a mohawk finally. I think it looks good. It's really different from what I'm used to but he looks hot so I am getting used to it. Lauren and Brandi did it for him. They did a good job. When we got to his house last night, the only thing his dad said to him was I don't like your haircut and he said it in such a mean asshole way. And that's all he said to him. I think he was pissed which is completely stupid. Some people in this world are suck fucking morons. It's not like mohawks are a new thing. I remember when I was young kids had them in my school. There was a time when they were really in. People need to get over shit and get used to things. It's's not killing anyone. People piss me off. The world would be so much better if people didn't discriminate so much. I think it's gross his dad smokes. Smoking ciggerets is so disgusting in my opinion, I'm sure his parents weren't happy when he started doing that. Oh, well....some people will always judge and label you just because you are different. I just hope Dustin is ok today. He was so sad last night. I cried a lot because I hate to see him like that. I love him so much. He's so precious.

    I'm at a 14 guage with my earrings. I don't know how far I want to go up. I haven't decided yet. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to a 0 guage. I think that's too big for me. I still want my eyebrow done twice. On the same side of course. I think it would look cool. I like piercing a lot.

    My damn sunburn is in it's itchy stage and it fucking sucks. I hate sunburn it's so gross. It's just damaged skin and that's gross to me. I like my skin to be white and heathly looking. Tan isn't cool unless it's natural I think. I see so many older women with so many freckles and bad sun damage it's gross. I even see young girls like the age of 15 with sun damage. It's horrible and they need to stop because it's going to make them look old when they get older. I think I will look really good when I am 40 because I don't tan and I take care of my skin. Yay, I won't look old! This sunburn was an accident....oh well. It's the only one I have had this year.

    La la la. I love my Dustin. I can't wait til I get to talk to him today. I want to make sure he is doing ok. He didn't even walk me out to my car like he usually does, because he didn't want to look at his parents. =( I feel bad for him. My mom doesn't like how we dress and all, but atleast she isn't mean about it. She just says it doesn't matter how you look on the outside's how you act and treat other people that matters. His dad was a big dick and I hated him. People are such loser. If he's going to talk about Dustin's hair let's talk about his einstein crazy ass hair, with his comb over. Geez.

    I take my GED in November. I'm nervous, but I think I will do good if I study. The only one I may fail is the math section and I can retake it for only $5 dollars. I don't think a college is going to hold math against me too much. A lot of people suck at math. Oh, well. I'm taking my constitution once I turn 18. That will be a breeze. It's easy stuff.

    I get to vote this year. I need to watch them speak so I know who I want to win. Dustin really doesn't want me to vote for Bush. I doubt I will anyway but I need to make sure I know what's going on or else I won't vote. Kerry has said a lot of good things but he is ok with abortion. You know I really hate abortion. I mean if you are going to go and spread your legs and not be using protection then you should deal with it. You don't go and terminate a life because of your fuck up. Now some situations I don't rape and incest rape. I don't know if I could even have a kid in a situation like that....but if it's just a mistake because you were irresponsible then I think you are a complete bitch if you go and kill life because you fucked up. It pisses me off because it's so horrible what they do. The whole procedure and everything is awful....if only people knew how awful the way it goes down is...maybe they would think the same way. =( It's not the babies fault.

    So....I hope I didn't piss anyone off with that but I pretty much don't care. It's how I feel and I always will feel that way about abortion. Kerry seems cool other than that, but I still probably will vote for him.

    Well, I am going now. Good-bye.

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