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Aeris' (mysticalstars16) wrote,
@ 2003-09-12 00:52:00
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    Current mood:Missin Andy Like Whoa! :-*
    Current music:Simple Plan -When I'm With You

    Ey ppl i got online today and my DJ was deleted and i dont want a LJ cuz it sounds dumb so i got a Blurty journal for free,and the name sounds cool too!!! HAHA im such a dork,eh, o well.So anyways for the past couple days i have been thinkin about my good-lost friend andy,and me and my friend lauren have been talkin about him alot lately too!its all been good things tho! but today i was jus sittin here thinkin bout what i did to him,and that i know i hurt him but,i didnt mean to ...i would never even think about hurtin him on purpose,he's too nice of a guy,and the sweetest :-* not to mention cute!yeah so me and him had a big talk today but im glad we had it..ok well here it goes,hope your ready! So i was sittin here thinkin about him,and listening to a depressing song of course,so i just decided to call him seeing that i havent talked to him in a long time and i miss him,so i do and we start talking,and he starts telling me how much he has always liked me,and he still likes me the same way,and that i hurt him ... like the times i told him to come to iceplex and i ignored i said i didnt do it purposely i PROMISE!I know i hurt him but im really sorry andy,and luv yew soooo much (friendwise that is..)hehe and he always makes me laugh,hes a really great guy :) anyways,the thing that bothers me is that he always looks down on his-self,i mean i know why now but its not good to let things get to your head,none the less believe it at all,i tried to tell him that but,he said he couldnt help it and that he had been made fun of and that other stupid $hit ppl do,but i told him that i was also made fun of,pushed away,knocked down,the whole nine yards and that i hate when he puts himself down, that it hurts me to see him like that,and i asked him to please stop. he said he'll try for himself and me! im sooo glad he said that,that made me feel alot better,i just hope he meant it,even tho i kno he would never lie to me,im too nice,and sweet of a girl to do that too...well atleast i think i am :-D there is more but i dont wanna tell the whole world everything,so that basically sumed it up,welp i g2g nighty-o now.Byez Mwwwwwuaaaaaa Fuck-o's! NIGHTY-o ANDY LVYZ SWEET DREAMS!

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