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~*Cheley*~ (mysticalstars) wrote,
@ 2003-05-24 19:24:00
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    Today was a bomb ass day, one of the best I had in a real long time!! This is how it went, this morning I woke up, ate a really good breakfast, sat around for awhile. My mom wanted me to help clean out some boxes but she had to move the truck outta the garage and she let me do it!! Ya I did good too! She said so. So anyways, then we cleaned out boxes and then Kelsey called me and told me to go to the park with her and I went. Cept for she invited stupid Will and his friend Gary over, I dunno why. She thought Gary was hot for a little bit so she made him come. Gross tho, we decided to take a walk to Kris' house because Kelsey said she knew where he lived. But it was like 6 or 7 blocks away. Not main street type of blocks tho. So anyways, we are on our to Kris' house and we're a few blocks away from his house and I'm looking around and I saw Nathan! In his SUV, it was awesome. He was like going home I think, but anyways, I waved to him and I was across the street and he waved back. It was so nice of him, because last week I saw Ryan and I was like two feet away from him and I waved and he didn't wave back. I was pissed. So anyways, then my feet started to hurt so we turned around and walked back and then Kelsey and I went swimming. We were upstairs for like 15 minutes tho because we didn't wanna go downstairs in front of Gary and Will in just our bikini's, so we put on our shorts and t-shirts. lol Then Gary and Will left and we kept playing around and we were in there with her brother. After a lil bit I kinda got bored so I called Eric and we were talking to him for a little while but then he had to finish doing whatever he was doing so he could coach Logan's soccer team. So then I went back to playing, I was going to call Nathan but I wanted to play a little. Anyways, like twenty or thirty minutes later I went and called Nathan. I talked to him for like 5-10 minutes. It was awesome, but he is a really quiet guy. Well, not so much quiet as his voice is quiet, he talks enough. But I was sitting on the step and Kelsey was like pouring water on me and I was like "STOP IT YOU HOE". It was funny cuz I was splashing her with water and he was like "What are you doing?!" and I was like "Playing with Kelsey in her pool" lol. But then I had to go because Kelsey was bein a hoe and I hadda kill her. lol Cept that I didn't. But it was really really fun!! Despite the fact that Will and his faggot friend Gary were hanging out with us. TODAY WAS SPLENDID AND I'M SO HAPPY!! I'M SO PREPARED FOR FINALS ON WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY, I'M GONNA PASS ALL OF EM AND I ONLY HAVE 2 1/2 DAYS OF SCHOOL LEFT!!! YAY!! Well, I'm outtie, lates!!


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