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Mystellarsecret (mystellarsecret) wrote,
@ 2003-09-16 22:32:00
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    It's been One week since you looked at me,....
    Well what's happend this week? Thursday I had the Abacoa Sept. 11 performance. It was funny. Or at least I was funny looking. Check it out for yourselves on the WIRK website. Hmm Friday was school and such. I found out I made the play, but I'm playing a swing role again. Kinda sucks, but i'll get over it, or not. And the later would be rough, I mean what kinda of scary bar tale would I have to say 10 years from now about me knocking out Helen Keller in an attempt to upstage her. But I must be gracious. Damnit. Following that I went to the show with Courtney, It was good seeing her, we need to hang out more!! Sat. was fun. I went on the new Island Runner (sorry Rach had to name drop). Yeah fast, this boat went like 60 mph. I'll never need a face lift in my life thanks to that ride. Sunday was pretty relaxed. And now it's tuesday. I have clothes for homecoming. Woohoo. Very scene. And I plan on getting an academic award this year, although it maybe in Finite Math, I have goals and that's what counts. I can't wait to perform the dance on Friday, it'll be tyte(is that how one would spell tight when trying to sound cool?)!!! It's so ghetto..well i guess It's not PC to say ghetto so I suppose it's Urban? well anyway, If you're at asssembly this Friday you'll check me out in my b* dizzle(yeah so not the B* dazzlers anymore) uniform pants, you're first thoughts will be "Damn Girl, shake that Urban booty". They will, wait and see. Ok G'nite all.

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