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Story of a grrl (mynxie) wrote,
@ 2003-07-22 10:52:00
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    Thursday (last one at that)
    I was suppose to get together with t. to go through some more of our training. well then mother nature decided to be a bitch and totaly kick my ass. so well i wasn't up for much playing to say the least. but i had decided to at least see if he wanted to go have dinner or something. while we were on the phone he had mentioned that he at least watned to get his dick sucked. and to be very honest i had already planned on doing that. i love doing that! and to be honest once again, i can not imagine seeing him and not doing that. the only thing that was tricky about the whole situation was where to do this at. my parents are still in the house as it is not mine yet. and well he was driving to come and see me so where to go. the only place that i could think of was the beach. i hadn't been out there in years let alone been out there to act out sexualy. but it always worked when i was in highschool why shouldn't it work now? so he came and met me at the house, acuatly came in and met the fam. my sister was abnoxious as usual. and everyone else was just in rare form. well except for dad he only has one form.

    we left and i directed him to the resturant. on the way there i had my hands in his pants the whole way. i am starting to wonder if he just doesn't wear underwear or just not when i am around. as we parked he urged my head in to his lap. i was only happy to oblige, even though in the pit of my stomach i kept thinking ok we are a block from the police station what if we get busted this will be fun to explain..... so for a few minutes i just licked and sucked all over his hardening cock. it was a great apitizer let me tell you.

    we went in and had our dinner, all the while listening to each other tell stories of recent adventures. mine of my photo shoot with mel, and his recent strip club and wedding adventure. after dinner we drove out of to the lake. once again my hand in his pants and pulling him out so i could stroke and squeez the full length. as we pulled up to the guard shack i had pulled my hand away. he just pulled it back over and i let it lay in his lap as the 17 year old girl told us to pull on through. Once we got down to the beach. we got out and walked up and down around the pavilion just looking for the "right spot". we walked down to the very edge of the retaining wall and thought that was as good as any. he ran and pulled something rom the car for me to kneel on since it had stormed earlier and the sand was all wet. he laid it down on the sand i and i hoped over the wall, kneeling down. as i was reaching up to undo his pants i realized that he already have them undone and down. what else was i to do other then take him in my mouth once again. i licked and sucked the head and all around, i love the feel of hardening cock in my mouth. i kept trying to take him deeper and deeper, i swear i am going to deep throat him if it kills me one day. then he took control and just fucked my mouth. i always get tense when we do this for the pure fact that i am scared to fucking death of scraping. but at the same time i love the control that he takes over the situation. after altranating between my sucking and licking and him fucking my mouth, i let my had do some of the work. he helped also, i always seem to need a little help just to make him cum. which well he knows what he is feeling and his body better then i will ever right? but he did help and jack into my mouth, and i just sucked on the tipand swirled my tongue around, i love it when he comes in my mouth, it is always almost a sweet taste. i never gag on it or anything.

    after he had cum, we sat and talked, and i held his balls and tugged at them a little. he claims this feels good. then ofcourse as all public venues are we had some company show up. so we deiced to head back to the car.
    i tried to get as much sand off of my feet and legs as possible, but i am sure i owe him a vacuming of his car :).
    once in the car we talked for a little bit, he then kicked his seat back, and opened his pants again. i leaned over and took him in my mouth once again. but not before popping an altiod breath strip into my mouth. i have heard this give a wonderful sensation, and i love the taste myself. he described it as cool when i would pull my mouth off of him. we did have a breif issue over waht i was to do with my hand that i wasn't using to help. i ended up sliding it under him. which helped with my space issue. i am not so sure how it felt for him though.
    i spent lots of time around the head this time, just swirly my tongue as my hand slid up and down the shaft. the skin just under the head of his codk i swear is the softest skin in the world. i love to lick and touch it, it is awesome! after a while, he told me to suck on his balls while he jacked himself off. always more then happy to ablige. i took turns sucking them each into my mouth and nibbling a little... just untill he told me he was about to cum. all though i already knew that i could feel his balls start to tighten. so i took the tip back into my mouth once more so i wouldn't miss a drop of cum.

    anyway that was my evening. hope everyone had a good one too.

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