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michelle (mymichelle) wrote,
@ 2002-12-13 01:22:00
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    Current mood: uncomfortable
    Current music:alone i break

    'now i see the times they change"--boy what true words. my life has been a mess the last month or so, i've recently had the joy of finding out my two closest friends have stabbed me in the back, and worse than that i have it in print. imagine that ? and one of them gave it to me to cover her own ass. what a friend huh? at ffirst i was so pissed and hurt i'm still hurt terribly, but i'm still angry too! the things i've shared with them, how could they? f*ck, why? but you know what? are those the kind of friends i want, or need? i trusted them both so much with secrets and private things. i'm going to get through this though, i'm not going to fight or fuss, i'm learning slowly over years of betrayal again and again, that friends, real friends, are far and very few in between. you know what really sucks? one of them is my boyfriends mom. nice huh? i will be wiser believe me and i'm not going to feed into the bullshit, they can sit around and talk about what ever they want,but i won't be there any more. actually, i guess i should be glad i saw it myself, now i know what kind of friends they were. i'm not gonna let this get to me! i'm bigger than this b.s. thanx journal for hearing me!!!!

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