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Crown of shit.... (myempireofdirt9) wrote,
@ 2005-11-09 18:11:00
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    take a look at my girlfriend....
    ok...well today was a good day...

    first off i got up early..which i was proud room wasnt 2 degrees...and my hair looked good...

    that was a good start...

    then i got to school and everyone greeted me very sweetly...i felt special and cassie got me laughing...everyone hugged me and i was just standing around hugging everyone.....

    then...we did nothing in school and i understood my math test...we got to crap around in english and just have fun...i t was great....

    then...jeff asked me to stay after school...and so i did.....derek was a little upset the whole time..and i just wanted to make him feel better...that bitch broke his heart man...he didnt deserve that....katie came with us so it made the fun 10x better...

    katie left at 4 and it was me and the guys...we got dairy queen and i was cracking felt like 7th grade...

    jeff was being sweet to me the whole time....i like being hugged and held...and the guys were being really nice...shorty was CRACKING us up with how stupid he can be...shorty was high...duh....

    then..we got back to the school when it started to get dark..and jeff had to hide int he school from his mom...

    we all went behind a brick wall..and me and jeff were kissing...jesus he is a good kisser!...and thats how my day pretty much ended..on a good note...very..very good note...he doesnt wanna go out wiht me tho..i think he just wants to have fun with me and jojo...which i fear because i have NO idea what jojo has...o well..maybe he is just waiting...for what..i dunno...


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