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Emily (my_beloved) wrote,
@ 2005-04-27 22:53:00
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    Current mood: tired

    tomorrow is my last day of being able to sleep in.....*sigh* oh well.... at least on friday we'll only have 11 more days of school left! yessssssssss..... im so ready to be out of there!

    anywho, today went pretty well to be honest. i didnt do much of anything, which is how most of my classes have been... i guess thou i need to stop being so lazy and get started on my year end projects that some of my teachers have decided to throw at me.... i have to make up some sort of presentation abotua story we've read this year in short story class.... in contemporary literature, i have to do antoher project for a book im reading... i think as my due date approaches with that one, if im not done with my book in time, i'll just do it over some book i've read in the past... and then in earth science, i have to make up this paper thing talking about earthquake safety in the home.... and for extra credit, i can draw out my house and each and every room and all the crap thats in them... i still dunno if its worth it yet...

    tomorrow lucas has another show.... im just going to watch him n' then im leaving... i just having to drive over there by myself and back home but mike will be with me (at least for the ride there) so it prolly wont be too bad... wow my hands are dry... i thought about waiting for lucas to come home n' then talking to him but im getting pretty tired and i do have school tomorrow, jsut not at the usual time... i think im going to find some hand lotion n' go to bed.... im gettin sleepy....

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